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Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny

Who determines the kind of life we live? We do.
The decisions we make determine the destiny that we reach. Have you ever taken some conscious decisions to make tomorrow better? No matter how small?

Yesterday was Sunday. I could have been sleeping or chilling off somewhere but I had to take some small steps to make my week at least 1% better.

* I had to set up a Google ad account for a client. I wanted to do it today, Monday; but I had all the time to spare and I thought, “Why not do it now?” Done and dusted! Now I have other things to focus on today. .
* I’ve always been the Instagram person, but I decided to try something new. So I began to share my content with an ideal audience of over 300,000 members on a Facebook group. Tough at first and I had to deal with trolls, but it’s getting better.
* I rounded up the editing for a video I recorded on Saturday. So expect a new video dropping soon. .
* I sat down to write this piece of content you are reading right now. I wanted to do it today too, but I really had enough time to spare. I guess it’s Monday now and I’m probably bored! But I will find something to do definitely. lol


These simple actions, even though they look small are all going to improve my productivity and results in one way or another and allow me focus on other things that matter as well.


So what did you consciously do today (or yesterday) to make tomorrow (or today) better ?

Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Akinpelu Idowu
    Akinpelu Idowu
    April 21, 2020 Reply

    Well, am trying to learn something new.

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