Have you ever been so obsessed with the future that you lose precious sleep?


I have – always.

You are probably like me and you have this burning desire that haunts you and makes you the craziest version of yourself.

Just like me, I can say almost everyone wants to be in a position of fame, wealth and power. But sometimes the line between ambition and insanity can become blurred.

A lot of my articles talk about success, entrepreneurship one kinda way or the other – but I had to get my mind to a sudden pause. I had to think about my obsession with the subject.

We can’t deny it – that piercing envy we feel when we see the lifestyle of the rich and the fame of celebrities on Instagram. Most of us conclude that if only we had what they have, our lives would be a 100% better.

Now, here is the deal breaker.


No matter how successful you get to become, there’s always going to be someone who’s more successful, wealthier, smarter, talented and better looking than you will EVER be.


Think you can come out of that box?

Unless you choose to find meaning to your life based on your authenticity and who you are, you won’t come out of that box.


“Ambition means tying your well being to what other people say or do. Self-indulgence means tying it to the things that happen to you. Sanity means tying it to your own actions.” — Marcus Aurelius


I’m a totally ambitious person. Like everyone else, I want to accomplish great feats and definitely I have a need for fame and recognition. I get to remind myself everyday however that chasing after success isn’t going to lead to it.

Everyone is ambitious, everyone wants to be something. Desire isn’t in shortage. But we are all in the same place.

Maybe living a fulfilled life doesn’t come through our desires or status at all. Maybe it comes from the work you put in yourself.

Attaching your well being to your success and fame is the start of getting yourself miserable.

Yes, it’s human for us to seek approval from one another, but when thinking about getting approval from other people, remember that, “THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE”.

They are as INSECURE, SELF-DOUBTING & ENVIOUS as you can be at times.

Select people with billions of dollars and companies have 200% more problems, if not more than the average person.

So while striving to be successful, I think we need to as well find and base our happiness somewhere other than money or the opinions of fellow humans.


We should all ask ourselves this question.

If things don’t work out the way you’d like them to, are you going to be fine with it? Are you going to love your life and whatever you are doing regardless of the circumstances?

You can’t be successful until you start solving problems for others. In order to succeed, you need to forget about yourself. Find your happiness in something greater, something that serves humanity.

A lot of us chase things that will elude us eventually. We go through pain to get what we want – and after getting what we want, we use what we got to heal our pains. A total circle.

The problem isn’t that you want to succeed badly, by all means. The problem is that YOU WANT IT TOO BADLY.

The problem is that you want it so you can SHOCK EVERYONE.

The problem is that you want it so you can ride over those who rode over you.

The problem is that your intents are not pure.


It’s important you have a big vision for your life, but the key is making sure that your vision is rooted in purpose and not in selfishness.


Focus on gratitude. There’s a lot to be thankful for. Focus on your relationships with other people. They will be a great source of meaning in your life. Focus on your task. Focus on your purpose. There is something you’re called to do.

Find out what it is and give it your best shot. Focus on your mortality. Your time on earth is limited so don’t waste it chasing after things that are unimportant.


Shift the focus from yourself. This is how you become successful.

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