As a person, I have come to the conclusion that relationships do outlive their relevance, and no matter how nostalgic you’ll be feeling, you should know when to let go and move on.
Contrary to popular perception, I am not hard-shelled. I am clingy with friends. But when I start seeing that drift in conversations, those one lines, that lack of chemistry we used to have when communicating.
When I see these signs, I know the relationship has come to its end.
Tugging further for nostalgic reasons will only hurt me more and degrade my personality.
So I hit the full stop; Clear chats, put messages in the archive, unfollow. Just anything to erase that person’s existence.
Anything to move on, because I take a while to forget.
And when you notice me being the PHCN officer with my chats, on and off, poke a few times then abandon ship if it persists. No one deserves to be taken for granted. It is not healthy.
All of us are important at different degrees. All of us have potential to blow. I am a unicorn –rare and priceless –but know when to put yourself first, I would do same. Grow some ego, large enough to know when to cut off a decaying limb. I do it, do it too.
And don’t apologize for it, even if it is me. Love yourself so much that people become just accessories. You are the key to everything.

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