You Are Selling Your Focus


Stop! Even if you have to, why do it for so much less?

Everyday we all consume trashy media, love the wrong people, listen to negative opinions, some gossip about others and a whole lot more have arguments with other people – right in their minds.   It’s all worth it and gives you the privilege of focus when you chose to “Cut The Crap“.

In your day-to-day activities, you have to cultivate the habit of:  

  1. Eliminating distractions
  2. Training your focus – it’s a muscle
  3. Carrying out important tasks in the morning.
  4. Having a plan and following through with a process
  5. Taking regular breaks from work.

You need to get your mind out of all the noise. You deserve better, and you have more important things to focus on.

Find them and pay attention to them.

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