And absurd… The last thing any writer wants to experience is this thing, this thing that has so much effrontery to mess with your head, no matter who you are – The creative block.

Sure it attacks many other people in other crafts but we writers? It’s down with us for life! 

Who will help kill this dude?

The average knowledgeable person will define the writer’s block as “a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece.” I don’t like this definition, It annoys me. Something is missing! Just a sentence and I’m going to continue it below.

“…..making his/her life miserable in the process”

So recently this dude called writer’s block paid me a visit. Sat me down on my chair and had me staring hopelessly into my screen. Creativity – blank; Ideas – blank; Screen; blank as well.

Each blink of the cursor raised my heartbeat higher. And I have sense, I knew there was some idea or topic floating around in my head hiding from the surface. 20 minutes later, I am swimming in a sea of immense frustration and despair.

“Life is not a battle”, I say to myself. Na content I wan create, I no kill person. I was going to craft a motivational piece from my experience but how can I motivate you when I couldn’t even beat Mr. Writer’s block?

LOL! Anybody else wanna share their writer’s block story?

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