Why you will never find your passion

You need to design something, you want to write an article, you need to fix up your code bugs, you have to re-design your bag collection – You feel you can’t do it alone, then you get your headset, or make a cup of coffee, all to keep you alive while doing the things you claim to love….. Think about it, maybe you have not found your passion yet.

I think you shouldn’t get bored or tired by default when doing something you love, unless you are working on an extreme level, why do you need coffee or music?


Sometimes ago, I had a chat with someone and we were talking about the various things we love spending our time doing throughout the day. He made a statement, “Hey! When I really love doing something, I spend as much as 4 hours doing it”.

I heard that, rephrased it in my mind.. WAIT!
Then I was going to ask if it was something he hated doing. Maybe I didn’t hear him clearly; heck!


4 hours? Yes I exaggerate a lot but it seems like I spend (72 hours a day) doing what I love, even in sleep. LOL! I don’t get tired of it. I don’t get bored, well except I really wanted that to happen. Have you ever woken up with your fingers either crossed like you are holding a pen, rolling a machine or pressing a computer keyboard? Then you know what I’m talking about 🙂

If you really love what you are doing, you will be official with all your hours, put in all you have and get the job done.

But Hey, Everybody talks about this – Finding your passion…blah..blah..blah… I have probably said the notable parts of what most people would say about Finding Your Passion.



It’s Not All About Finding Your Passion, Yunno

A lot of people today place our beliefs in a lot of myths… Like, “Your life only makes a lot of sense when you do what you love”

Well, that might be true, but pursuing a career you love can be equally satisfying. We often overlook that.

I really don’t know who quoted this, but I will add:

Find a job that you love and you don’t have to work for a day in your life


Even Steve Jobs said:

“You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.”


Really? I totally agree. However, there is so much pressure on people as regards finding a passion.



But What Do Most People Believe In?

  • Without a passion, we are not complete.
  • Without a passion, our life has no meaning.

Well knock it off, don’t ask me where I got my perspective either, but it sounds like we’re giving ‘passion’ too much attention these days. It’s important, yes, but it’s not some magical solution that will make all your problems disappear.

Some people say: “If only I could find my passion….”


Well, reality check! Let’s say you find your passion, but on the contrary you’re an idiot, you will be an idiot with a passion. And if you’re a miserable complainer, you’ll be a miserable complainer with a passion. It only adds up to what you have been.


Don’t expect that your whole life will be 100 times better when you love what you are doing. Life is still going to be life. Problems will always surface. Challenges will smack you right in the face. It doesn’t make you different from the others. It doesn’t take away your struggles. You still have to wake up, struggle, make money, and deal with every of life’s difficulties.



Should You Make Your Passion Your Full-Time Job?

Lately, I’ve seen a hundred versions of this same bad advice:

Quit your day job immediately. Commit to your true passion, Give it a 100 percent. It’s the only way you’ll succeed and find true happiness.

Hell No! That’s wrong. Or at least, I’d say it’s not right for everyone. What works for me, may not work for you.


Nobody ever said you can’t be successful at your day job and as well pursue your passion on the side. The bitter truth is, if you don’t have what it really takes to grow a business of your own – Independently, then it’s suicidal to quit your day job. Don’t do that in the name of passion. You still have to be logical, no matter how excited you are, you still have to come to terms that there is a lot to learn. Making a silly mistake could take you a whole lot to get it right again!


Most of us, including I, we all got this mindset: Find your passion-Become an entrepreneur-Never work for someone-Travel the world-Free like a bird-……

Well it’s the right thinking. I’d say you have seen a lot on Instagram, they bake it like cake and pour a lot of icing on it. What you see on social media isn’t what it actually looks like.


By the way….Most of those guys were born lucky!…Some are liers…Some are actually trying to sell something and with your attention, they are doing a great job at that!


The hard reality of life is that you have to go through a lot to get it right, and usually, it wouldn’t come so early. I’m not saying you can’t succeed as early as you want in life, but I think making the best out of wherever life puts you is the key to success and happiness. Breed the purpose of your life on the mindset of Usefulness.



Your Passion May Not Make You Rich

Pursue your passion. Quit your job. Become a millionaire.

Sounds easy right?. Some people have done that. But they might have started out with rich parents. Connections. Privileges. Like I said, they are born lucky.

You most likely aren’t from a rich home :). And neither I’m I from a rich background. Sure, I had the privilege of a middle-class upbringing. That doesn’t mean I have had the luxury of quitting jobs to build a company of my own!


My passion has always involved writing. That passion flowed into other career options like teaching, content creation and programming. I’m not even stressing out on either of which will make me rich.


A passion does not need to make you wealthy. Or famous. Your passion might bore everyone else. I have a weak social following simply because I’m not likely the trendy, picture-freaked type. But I put out time, money and effort in creating quality content and tools everyone else can use. A lot of those stuff could be pretty boring to you, but it’s just what I love to do.


It’s a no-brainer! You can acquire wealth and fame with zero passion. Or you can pursue a craft and a lead a quiet life, without ever making much money. Quitting your day job has nothing to do with either.



You Can’t Pursue Your “Passion” 24–7.

Okay, overlook the point where I said I work 72-hours-a-day. It’s not what you think! 🙂

The passion mythology implies you need 12 hours a day to be the master of your craft. Rare geniuses aside, I’ve never met anyone who needs that much time. Especially at the start of their careers.


Most times, I would lock myself away and write code and articles for seven or eight hours. Did that whenever I possibly could. I’d hate it when some responsibility interfered with my schedule. A Phone Call, Work, Quick Errands….something


I would say you should keep doing whatever you are passionate about. Keep painting, writing, taking pictures, writing code, singing, making music. But don’t think you need to do that 24 hours a day in order to succeed. You really don’t need that.



And If You Don’t Have Passion For What You Are Doing…

please, stop doing it.

Life is too short to try out the wrong things. It’s not gonna work, and if you keep doing it, you are probably gonna regret it in the future, the only question is when.


The best way you find your passion and also let your passion find you is to try a lot of little things out, expose yourself to different aspects of life. Have a routine. Go into Photography in January, try Digital Marketing in February, maybe be a little bit of a Writer by March or write code when it’s April.


Just keep trying stuff out, eventually, you’ll know what you find yourself doing happily and what your passion is all about. You’ll never need coffee or loud music to restrain from sleeping on your job…



Happy Ending or Sad Ending?

So, I have made a whole lot of noise on passion. But really, are you going into that field because others are making money from their passion? Do you think it is really their passion? Do you think they love what they do? In fact, do you see them spending bulk of their time doing any of those things?

Let’s talk about you. How does your passion keep you going? 

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