Yes, procrastination can actually boost your productivity. No? How? Nah! Don’t give me that look. Read what I’ve got to write first 😀


As we all know..


“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin”

— Quoted by Victor Kiam.


Yes, procrastination is the biggest killer of your opportunities. Postponing what should be done today for some other time is often looked at as a really bad thing, but it’s not everything that should be DONE sometimes.


Forget what your mum or your teacher in school told you – procrastination isn’t all that terrible. Yes, in fact, delay and tactical thinking before taking certain action is a great quality.


Trust me when I say it has amazing benefits.


Many times, I’ve had tons of jobs on my table but the art of prioritizing certain tasks helps my efficiency. At some time of my life, I always wanted to finish up a task or project immediately it was assigned or contracted to me, and yeah yeah I went through a lot of that heartbreak when I realize the project wasn’t all important after all




“C’mon man! I abandoned homework for this”


How much would I say?


– Putting off tasks minimizes unnecessary effort


I used to complete contracts almost immediately – only to be told it’s no longer needed. If you are a fan of jumping on every task as soon as it’s assigned to you, this is bound to happen to you. In fact, some people think the faster you deliver, the less quality offered – probably because you didn’t put your time into it.


It depends on the industry though, and things change every time. Sometimes putting tasks off closer to the deadline might just cut out unnecessary waste of efforts and give you more time to be productive in other important things.


The deal is to GET THE JOB DONE!


– Procrastination produces efficiency – sometimes.


Be real with me, if you got a week to complete a task of 2 hours, you are definitely not going to touch it – not even within the first 2 hours of the week. For most of us, we like to cut it pretty close to the last three hours of the week – FACT (smirk)


You are beating yourself up! Everyone does this. You just might be that person who works more efficiently and productively even under close time pressure. That’s just what you need to work with.


You still get to complete your task in time and be a happier version of yourself rather than eating up your whole week thinking about how you are toying with your future. Procrastination might be your thing.



– You gotta feel free – enjoy!


Sometimes Procrastination gives you a greater degree of control with your freedom of choice and focus.


Are you happy when you miss out on things you really love to do because of a boring task? Of course not!


If procrastination means you get to enjoy doing that something you love first today and still complete whatever is required of you before the set deadline, you are fine.


– Procrastination breeds greater ideas


I lay out my business strategies and on the impulse and pressure all those “QUOTES” and “JUST EVERYONE ELSE” places on taking quick ACTION – I am meant to execute them immediately right? Yes, I even have a quote where I stated I love people who are quick to action ‘eyy.



Let me feel guilty about this while I can, but No! I can execute my business strategies a full month from now, because “I am not thinking with the same mindset I thought with a month back”


Having a full month to rethink, re-analyze, revise saves me a lot of mistakes and money in the long run.


Sometimes, we don’t need to make mistakes. We just need time to figure things out before jumping into stuff. Even if it’s a 2% mistake decrease, it’s worth it. And even if you never got to figure it out eventually anyways, still jump into your plans and execute!


While procrastinating, your mind is set to be aware that “There’s a task to be done” and that puts you in a place where you find yourself thinking up ways to improve on whatever it is you have to do.


Procrastinating gives your ideas time to percolate; it allows you to sit down and tackle the task after your subconscious has chewed it over. The result just might be a better outcome.


– Completing tasks at the last minute is a good source of Adrenaline Rush 🙂


“Whew! I’m done.” – Doesn’t that feel great every time you get to say that?

If you are hooked on the rush you feel when you’ve finally hammed something out at the very last minute, please don’t rob yourself of that pleasure.


There’s nothing as good as the “Achievement Feeling


– Procrastination is Underrated


If you know you got the balls to procrastinate and still complete your tasks efficiently, don’t beat yourself up. Stop listening to people who will tell you you are going to be a great failure for putting things off. If you are still getting things done, and getting more of other things done as well, then you are fine! 🙂


What works for you might not work for someone else. Yours might even be higher quality.


Sometimes, our bad habit is our biggest motivation.


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