We gotta have a honest conversation about Entrepreneurship and Employee-ship

Dreaming to become an established entrepreneur isn’t a silly dream, I’d say not in the least. After all it has helped a lot of people become who they want to be, and go where ever they wish to go.

However, the dream to become an “employee” isn’t a silly one either. In fact, I would argue on the greater side that it’s a better choice for most people.

Argh! – come on, think about it,


As an employee:

  • All you have to do is help build an already established company rather than lose sleep thinking of all the entrepreneurial risks you should be taking
  • Earn a fat salary rather than worry how on earth you will be able to take care of your family for the rest of your life.
  • Have the chance to move up the organizational charts one day rather than embrace a future of uncertainty.
  • Enjoy company leaves and go on vacations you will still definitely get paid for.


Too bad, in our current age, “being an employee” means a whole lot of odd things to other people and suddenly, being a 9 – 5 person is so uncool. The moment someone aspires to work for a dream company rather than focus on building one of his own – everyone else thinks they are small-minded, or unmotivated.

I totally disagree.

Sometimes, we all need to talk about the REAL COST OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP and this “Hustle until the haters ask if you are hiring” mentality, because the bitter truth is,

“Entrepreneurship doesn’t always bring happiness, freedom, wealth and notoriety”

“I’ll be happy when”… is a thought that has ironically caused much unhappiness for people chasing anything in this world.

We all find ourselves running after something — marriage, kids, a bigger house, a nicer car — and when we finally catch this “something” we’re chasing, we find ourselves still feeling a bit empty.

Why is that? Because..


Many aspiring entrepreneurs suffer from this. They tell themselves stories of what life as an entrepreneur will be like… but once they actually get to live the life of an entrepreneur they discover the reality is anything but a, “OH BOY – I GOTTA LEAVE”

Often times, these stories come in the form of “I’ll be happy when…”

I’ll be happy when… I start a business of my own.

I will be happy when… I am making $100,000 a year from my business.

I will be happy when… My business becomes valuable and I become a millionaire when I sell my business.

I will be happy when… [fill in the blank].

One story aspiring entrepreneurs tell themselves is that they will be happy when they find some of the many myths associated with entrepreneurship — flexibility, wealth, notoriety, etc.

The one that bugs me most? Go follow entrepreneurship hashtags on Instagram. All you see are fancy cars, watches, gold, diamonds, layouts.

So many people giving unrealistic visualizations into what the life of a successful entrepreneur is, and the bad thing is – too many people feel miserable when it seems like they can’t get there.

These illusions aren’t discovered or achieved through entrepreneurship.

If, as an entrepreneur, you work 40 hours a week and “worry” an additional 40 hours outside of work… is your life truly flexible?

So, when you truly look at flexibility, wealth and notoriety… you realize that entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily the best path to take to achieve these things.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Just because it’s cool or you are born to become an entrepreneur doesn’t mean your friends should become one. Doesn’t mean you should look down on anyone who doesn’t want to take that path either.

If you want more flexibility as a person, you can find happiness by working for a remote-friendly company. If you seek wealth, you might as well make money working in real estate, sales or investment banking.

While there’s nothing wrong with these things, they can’t necessarily be found through entrepreneurship… or at least it’s not the easiest path to find them.

Before making the choice to become an entrepreneur (or an employee for that matter), we need to ask ourselves what will truly make us happy and be extremely realistic with ourselves.

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