“How are you so positive?”

I got a WhatsApp text from someone on my contact list the other day.


I found myself asking if I have written an article on this before. I hit up my blog, went through my articles, and all I saw was my writings on the importance of having a positive mindset. That’s all I kept writing about.


Many times, I get into chats with folks and while talking about goals, start-ups or dreams, the height of negative talk and fateful thinking gets hold of me, and then I just sometimes have to laugh and sound like, “C’MON MAN! IT’S GONNA BE OKAY! TRUST ME


The truth is, having a positive mind doesn’t actually guarantee your success or breakthrough either! There is no rule set out that when you begin to think positive, things work out. The world revolves on its own will and accord. And it is up to you to make the most out of it. Revolve with it, or run against it.




Yes definitely, it should pay off in a way! You are probably not doing it right. Maybe you are too focused on your problems rather than finding solutions.


Do you think you are not? Reading too many books and articles, watching too many movies, listening to excessive motivational talk. That is focusing on your problems. The fact that you have to watch a movie just to drift away from the world of your problems means you are avoiding that problem, and focusing on it at the same time – from afar; when you really should stand up to it and fight it.




It’s okay to wake up every morning to say positive words from off a billboard beside your bed, or daydream for a few seconds about your success – but expecting things to change that way without doing anything?


Even the bible says Faith without works is dead


Positive thinking just like Faith goes with sustained action, no matter the difficulties you might face!

Many times we take a good look at the world and conclude it’s all negative. It happens to everyone. It happens to me too. But terming the world as a negative place is a big misjudgment.

This will only heighten your frustration.



Stop Thinking, Start Working

Thinking is time-consuming. Why not convert all that mental stress into potential energy and start putting in the work instead.

Whenever people hear a talk or two about positive thinking and how much of a life-changer it is, they get excited, you can say; Motivated.


The moment things don’t work as expected, they back out!

To become a successful positive thinker, it is not enough to be positive for a few minutes and negative for the rest of the day.


It’s natural for the mind to drift negatively, you just have to learn to deliberately wave and replace them with positive and happy thoughts – consistently.

While you do that, back your positivity up with action. Stay motivated, constantly fuel your desire, be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, and not stay dormant hoping for things to just magically happen.



Stop Blaming

Learn to take responsibility for your actions, your moves, your life.

When you are frustrated, upset or unhappy about your life, hold yourself responsible for all those emotions because they are the results of the judgments you make on yourself.

This objectively means when you start thinking negative thoughts, you are making a misjudgment somewhere, and it’s just your fault. Nobody else’s.


This is in three stages.


  1. When you start blaming others for your mistakes or negative thoughts, you are just being ignorant.
  2. When you blame yourself only, you are making progress in a way.
  3. When you stop blaming neither yourself nor others, you are being wise and you have accepted that your life is your responsibility.

Getting to stage 3 is the most important stage if you want to stay constantly positive about your world.

Now, those are just my thoughts. How about talking about the things I do personally to stay positive? Here they are.



1. Be Grateful

If you are a constant reader of my articles, you will know how much I love to emphasize gratitude. It’s all I live by.

Have you ever tried to note the good things of your life you should be grateful for? Then your perspective will change.

Be grateful for things you don’t have yet.


Be grateful for everything, even the bad things



2. Don’t Take Life Personally

Stop listening to what people have to say about you. A lot of people are frustrated themselves and they take it out on others around them. They get to question themselves on why you have to make progress when they aren’t.


So, when people get at you with judgments, words, conclusions – you should just wave it off and understand they are probably hurt. And if you are the type of person who is very sensitive to every single thing people say or do, it’s time to lighten up a bit and stop overanalyzing.


People are prone to do or say dumb things. It might just not be personal. So live your life and think about things like your health, your education, your career, and family.



3. Don’t Bottle It Within

We all deal with difficult moments in our lives. Friends and colleagues who drive you nuts, an annoyingly empty wallet, inactive bank account, a partner who doesn’t listen to you – or a cheating one, the haters who dwell around you, name it; they are everywhere!


Sometimes, we feel we can just achieve that perfect place in life without all the troubles, heartbreak, agony, poverty, stress or responsibilities; but you need to understand that life is made up of challenges, and you have to go from one to another, every step takes you to another – It’s a deep game!


Keeping all those feelings inside gets the best of you. You need to let it out. The anger, anxiety, frustration, insecurity, it all needs to go.

Talk to someone, send me an email, write it away or see a therapist. It’s your choice to make.

Just make sure you are not housing all those burdens inside of you.




Don’t expect life to just go easy. It’s not always pretty. We tend to overemphasize bad times, how about doing the same during good times?


You should keep thinking about how to improve your life. I see bad times as the best space I actually have to evaluate myself. You tend to get all excited and distracted when everything is working out just fine. So, I think bad times are good in a way too.


You have the chance now – to develop yourself, lose that weight, learn that skill, fix your messy books & luggage, rewrite your goals and restrategize.


“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill.


No matter where you fall, you still have the choice. To take the full control and responsibility of your life and move forward or sit back in a place and keep blaming everyone who ever made you feel bad.


Think Positive, Fuel Your Desire, & Do The Work!


So do you feel Positive Thinking needs a lot of Positive Action to work?

Feel free to leave a comment below and share this post with your friends 🙂

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