I’m starting to realize why I’m leaving the cliche of Money Can’t Buy Happiness.
I have become so myopically focused on the promise I made to myself when I was a kid, I have never stopped to ask; “Why do I wanna get rich?”.
Many times, I worked tirelessly for people and even for myself; hardly taking a day off.
Many of my activities became boring routines. I always knew what I wanted, but somehow my focus shifted.
The pressing and urgent fears, posing to me so many reasons I have to get rich.
I was unhappy with my routine, so I stopped and asked, “Why do I wanna get rich?”
The questions you ask yourself will determine the course of your life.
I have been asking myself, “What do I need to do to get rich”, and It left me really unhappy.
So I changed the question and started asking, ” What would I do, and love every day..Even if I were failing?”
I got back to doing what makes me happy, instead of what will make me rich.
I reignited my passion for everything I once loved to do. The things I would do without charging for it. Happiness pays me.
I’ll say Life is too short, this is your one go round.
I set out to build brands, a personality that is predicated on Value, on Passion.
I can say to everyone looking out, chase your passion. Don’t chase it for the purpose of making money.
Just chase your passion. The money wouldn’t chase you. It’s gonna chase your passion, then your passion is gonna hand over money to you.
Every belief you have is a choice. I choose to believe that human potential is limitless and this is the choice that’s changing my life.
It’s not about who you are today, it’s about who you want to become, and the price you are willing to pay to get there.
The moment you are willing to pay any price, you achieve what you want to achieve.
So, if you believe that human potential is limitless, who do you want to become? And what price are you willing to pay to get there?
Find your purpose…

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