Have you been reading the news all around? Young folks taking their lives, depression taking the toll. I thought the world had become far better than it used to be in the old days.

We hardly run from wars now, at least if you have enough peace in your immediate environment to actually read this article, you will easily relate.

A lot has advanced, technology has taken over, most of the processes needed to perform one task or the other almost automated and there are resources to become all you have ever wanted right there on the internet.

Want to be happy? Successful? Fulfilled? You have it all right there on the internet. You have online coaches and therapists at your service 24/7.

Yet… People don’t seem happier. There is something missing… We all feel incomplete, clueless… Should we say there is barely a reason to live and love now?

But if people don’t have a reason to live, why do they find a reason to die?

Can we make that reason to die the purpose of living?

Why Do People Take Their Lives?

Simple… They lost purpose. They had a reason but they viewed it from the dark side.

Some took their lives due to heartbreak from someone they cherished. What was the reason? Love.

Another took their life because they see no progress nor a light ahead of them. What was the reason? The desire for success and fulfillment.

It all starts with a reason, but finding a purpose to live for that reason is what many people lack.

It’s Actually Temporary… A Test

An assessment of your mental toughness. No matter how discouraged and empty you feel, nobody, not even you have the courage to let yourself know it’s temporary. It’s a mindset you have to build. A suicidal person thinks short-term and doesn’t see a bigger picture any longer.

At some point in our lives, we have all felt suicidal for some insane reason or another. Today, do you think about it and just imagine how much you’d have missed out on your life if you had taken it? How much you wouldn’t have learned? Or explored? Or even suffered?

Why Are You Still Alive?

It’s not a question I can answer. You are probably still alive because you are not suicidal in any way or you are generally just happy about life.

For me, it’s purpose. The voice that tells me I must not fail. The mind that keeps me from falling. If you understand what purpose it, you will know it’s the train that keeps you going.

Sometimes it’s not even something you think about. It may be unconscious. It’s just there, driving you, sustaining you, guiding you all your life, in any form it takes.

There is a reason why you’re still alive, and the most important part of that reason is why you have not killed yourself. It’s why I have not killed myself either.

Don’t lose it. Understand it, get familiar with it.

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