Do you know who you are and what’s right for you? 
A lot of us including myself are so engulfed with what should be happening in our lives instead of what is happening at present.

At some point in my life where I seemed to be experiencing a delay in some of the things I wanted and even at some stage, failure; I made a decision to only worry about Now. That looks shortsighted, right? But I chose to figure out what was important for me and the present steps and processes I needed to take towards my goals.

At different points, I’ve been depressed, worried, anxious, felt hopeless but what keeps me going is the fact that I know and I’m doing what’s important for me. So even after b**ching around all my options, I still get myself back on the road. 

Isn’t that why you are sometimes sad on some days and happy the next? Because there is a motive, a reason, something illuminating your mind and countenance; and making sure it’s actually the important motive is the most wonderful state your mind will ever get to. It’s not like finding your purpose but it’s like a step forward.

And Much More Presently…

Those things you are stressing about have not even happened yet, and you MAY not even see them happen. It’s probably your quest for happiness and fulfillment but what if you are not meant to chase those things? 

What can you do right now? What’s more important at present? Come back… Your life is passing you by.

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