What if we are so wrong about the dead?

What if this is actually hell and there is a lot they are unable to tell us. Over the great gulf, they feel pity for us – wishing we understood they are actually in a better place. Nobody wants to die, nobody living really knows what lies beyond and those beyond are cut off.

On the contrary, what if lost souls are cursed to wander around the earth forever, with no hopes of a journey nor a return.

What if they keep hitting crystal clear glass walls around you, calling out to you – trying to reach out to you, to warn you; Of course you hear nothing else except the sounds made by the living.

What if your dearest stands right next to you, in agony, rejection, slowly fading away – trying to speak to you, trying to touch you.

What if there is a wandering soul trying to warn you every time, but you are not listening?

Don’t forget your own belief… Just think about it.

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