I scroll through my Instagram feed. Many times I use the #developerlife hashtag on the explore feed. I go there to get some inspiration and stay updated with the community and trends in the developer workspace.

Then I scroll and keep scrolling, and I see gadgets! gadgets!!, gadgets!!!, workspaces! workspaces!!, workspaces!!!, sophisticated developer lifestyle, and so many other intimidating things.


Well maybe I’m not meant to be intimidated but learn from their set-ups, right? But c’ mon! I want those things! I work day and night hoping one day I can afford them and still I don’t have them, do I?


I take a glance at my own desk. So unprofessional, low-end gadgets, somewhere on that desk, you will swear there is still a Vista supported PC next to me. For a moment, I’m unhappy. Sometimes I sleep off after so much thinking. I guess it happens to everybody.


Well, call me for a really big project that should make me happier! lol


The bulk of the time, it looks like other people have a lot of things and we tend to put what we have and what others have on a scale of comparison. Sometimes, we even compare what we have with what we don’t have. This is the reason people are unhappy.


But What If There Was No One To Compare Yourself With?


What would you think about yourself if there was no one else? If you had no competition, would you perform better? If there was no one to compare yourself with, a lot of people would feel much better about themselves.

Seeing what you don’t have causes you to overlook what you actually have.


You might be able to recognize that envy is the only thing making you feel like you don’t have enough, but honestly, some people don’t have enough. But many of us actually do have enough.

You will always not have enough until you decide to mark a line and understand that it’s enough. There are so many other things you should use to measure your contentment, you probably shouldn’t make material wealth one of them.



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