What is the most important question you could ask yourself? It’s what you’d do if money were no object. If all of your basic needs were taken care of and you had a disposable income to do with whatever you pleased, how would you spend your time? What would you do with the rest of your days?

The answer should be a reflection of the state of your mind, a revealing of who you truly are, your intents, your dreams, your ambition. But today, many people are pursuing their dreams, taking their best shots – using the best available tools around; money is no longer the prime motivator!

Or is it still?

Once upon a time, having a 9 – 5 job probably made you the most successful of your peers. Today, people are more obsessed with creating a life they want to live in, without having to work for anybody. For someone like me, you already got everything figured out in your mind if money was not an issue.



What Of Social Media?

Let’s be realistic, we do many of the things we do, and try to make a difference in our various and little achievements, just to have something to post on social media like everyone else does. Yes, I even write articles just to promote a product indirectly – it’s still some kinda show off…isn’t it?

Even if we are miserable in our real lives, we still want to make our bio look as welcoming as possible, or have steady 10k followers on Instagram. At least, that strikes a little deal of happiness in many.

But what would you want to do with your life if you didn’t have social media?

At first thought, you probably don’t imagine life would be much different than it is now, albeit a bit more relaxed and at times, less connected to your family and friends.


But really think about it: What would you do if you could no longer have a social media account, ever again, for the rest of your life? How much would your hopes, dreams, plans, and anxieties shift? Would you really care about getting new clothes to wear? Would you really be that concerned about how your house looks? Would you really want the responsibility of that new position if it didn’t come with the two line bio at the top of your public profiles?



The Online Picture

The truth is that when we dream up the lives we’d like to live, we equally imagine how they’ll look online!

We are so uptight about how successful we are at large because we know we are graphing together a message to the world about who we are and how well we are doing. We are building lives that we love to look at and want others to look at but are you building a life you really want to exist in?

If you’ve ever wanted something really, really badly and then got it and found you were no happier, or that your mind was simply onto the next thing to obsess over, you’ve already experienced this – you don’t know what you want yet.


You thought that thing was going to change your life. You imagined a whole new self and attitude based around those new set of clothes or that position of authority or how much you really need to be able to show off at your high school reunion.


The odd collateral we pay for documenting our lives online is that we end up creating what we want to share, not sharing how we really live.


But the answer to this question is who you really are and what you really want.



Reality Check…

I think we need to pay attention. You should feel more relaxed about how you look, what you do and the little achievements you can scale through each day, without having the compulsion to share it on social media, right?

For me, I have gotten to a stage where living for other people or by trend is NOT an option for me. It has made me understand who I really am, what I care about and what I really want.


What exactly do you want?

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