I guess I’m going to keep using that word till we connect again. But seriously, we have to talk. And it’s not about you, it’s about both of us.

We wake up every day and we give our attention to a lot of things. Relationship, work, health, spiritual life, people in need. That seems like a lot, but it’s not that much when ‘we’ cut out all the crap.


When ‘we’ cut out the news ‘we’ hear every day, life’s’ drama, celebrity gossip, sports, day trading, what everyone thinks about ‘us’, how big ‘our’ achievements are, buying stuff ‘we’ don’t need, envy, trying hard to be like someone else. The list goes on.

Uhm.. what about gambling and drinking, and nightclubs, and heated religious and political debates, and social media? I guess ‘we’ fall under one of them. Most of this done just to fit in. Oh! and perfectly landscaped yards, and dream houses, and dream vacations, or ruminating over everything someone did wrong?

Now that’s a lot.

I think we need to cut the crap and focus on what’s important.


Let’s be honest, it’s very easy to get stuck in a life where ‘we’ forever keep responding to things that seem urgent. It’s one emergency to the other and for real it doesn’t end. There might never be a day where ‘we’ have to sit, look backward and have this feeling of conquering all your battles.

Life itself is a battle and the war ends when ‘we’ die. Yes. You and I


‘We’ need to focus on what’s important and to do this ‘we’ have to determine first what’s important. When ‘we’ are able to focus on what’s important, ‘we’ will have the ability to decide.

Don’t focus on what’s important to others. Rather, let’s focus on what’s important to us. I guess ‘we’ are becoming a team now, aren’t ‘we’? I just had to try all I could to rebuild our connection. Seems hard with all those quotation marks by the way.


So exclude me from this team. Let’s talk about you!. What’s your purpose? Have any clear values? Do you have principles that govern how you live in accordance with your purpose and values? Do you have a clear vision upfront? What are your goals? And what process do you intend following to achieve those goals?


You need to learn how to be guided from within yourself and focus on what’s important to you. It’s within your reach.

I will be working on myself as well…

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