5 Reasons You Should Start Accepting Payments Online

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As an individual or small startup, if you don’t know the comfort and great feeling of accepting your payments online – you are missing out on a lot.

Accepting online payments for services is a no-brainer!

I stumble on so many websites and online stores and yet they still accept payments via Cash on Delivery – Old fashioned. Why don’t you level up and stand out from the crowd?

Courtesy of the constantly increasing advancements in Financial Tech in Nigeria, there are now several ways to start accepting payments online even at almost no rate.

Thanks to platforms like Paystack, Wallet.NG – They have made accepting online payments in Nigeria really easy to facilitate.

You want to know why this is awesome. Here are 5 reasons you should start accepting payments online.


1. Cash is difficult to manage.

Trust me – Stacking piles all over the place, making estimated guesses, you never can tell what you are missing.

Why spend the time to transport huge amounts of money with high risk, spend on transportation and spend on the bank charge for depositing over a certain amount when you can easily just send over a link to your paying customer and have your funds in your custody in minutes.

You need to invest more of your presence into growing meaningful aspects of your business, not worrying about handling cash.


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2. Do what your buyers prefer.

Most of my readers prefer paying for my premium ebooks online because it’s easier, faster and more secure.

For me, I just like to give my buyers several options as possible to get what they want.

Do you want to make more sales? Consider integrating online payments into your website today.


3. You don’t need extra hands.

Save yourself the stress of employing extra hands to handle your cash and payments. Your business can grow from handling 100 payments to over 50,000 payments with little or no effort.

Thanks to credible online payment processors. It is easier to manage online payments as compared to managing cash which may even involve you hiring or installing theft monitoring systems to monitor your employees. That’s really stressful.



4. Easy to set up.

Integrating online payments on your platform is as easy as just sending payment links to your buyers, or just copying and pasting a single line of code.

For e-commerce stores, the payment links method may not be for you, because you possibly can’t track every person about to make an order on your website and start sending them links. But one line of code can make it all autopilot for you.

You may be able to do it, and it may require the help of a technical person.

5. Speed is key

There’s nothing more important than managing time when doing business. Time well spent can be used to harness more income for your business.

Receiving payments online has proven to offer speed and efficiency. Unlike waiting for cheques to get cleared before getting money in your bank account.


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Getting the strap

Are you ready to start collecting payments online? Try a new method of doing business with your customers.

For accepting payments, I use and recommend Paystack.

There are others too like Wallet.ng.

Registration on Paystack takes just a few minutes and you are good to go.

Paystack has made it very easy to integrate payment forms right from their website. So you don’t need any technical skill to start accepting online payments.


Here’s How To Start Accepting Payments Online

First, you need to visit www.paystack.com then register.

As a starter, I implore you to register as a “Starter Business”, else if you have company documents and registration documents, you can choose to register as a “Registered Business”.


Advantages of registering as a Starter Business on Paystack:

  • You don’t need any hard-to-acquire company documents to start accepting payments
  • You only verify your business or personal business with your National I.D Card or Voters Card
  • You can use your personal account to receive your funds (No company account needed)

But as a starter business, there are some restrictions:

  • You can only receive a max of NGN 2,000,000 at a time. Once you get to that point, you will then be required to upgrade to a Registered Business.

But I guess NGN 2,000,000 is a great amount to start with as a small business.

Once you complete your registration as a Starter business, you will need to activate your account to start receiving payments. Like I mentioned above, Starter Businesses can easily activate their accounts with their National I.D Card or Voters Card.

If you don’t have any, go get your PVC 🙂


Finally, I will show you how to create your own payment page with Paystack. Make sure your account is activated first to be able to use this feature.


Here is my Paystack Dashboard:  To get started, click on “Payment Pages” on your dashboard (I boxed it out in blue).

Afterward, click the “New Page” button

You will be asked if you want to make a page for a “One-time Payment” or “Subscription Payment”. In this case, we are making a page for a One-time Payment. Just for your buyer to make a single time order of your product. Click the “Choose” button.

The next section is the shows up the main steps to creating your payment page. All you have to do is fill as required. Use mine below as a guide. Once the form is filled, click the “Create” button.

Once that is done, you will see a confirmation notice telling you your page has been created successfully.

Now, I can simply copy that link, then link to any of the payment buttons on my website. I can create several payment pages per product and have a button linking to each of them. Let us visit my link and see what my payment page looks like.

Awesome and very easy right? Now here is what happens when anyone clicks the “Make Payment” button. The interesting part…


And in minutes, I have a full payment page to receive card payments for my products or services. My buyers can as well pay with Bank, GTB 737, and Visa QR.

All earnings I make through this form or any of my forms will be stored in my Paystack wallet, which I can withdraw to my local bank account afterwards.

It’s easy isn’t it? Thanks to Paystack!


So, let me summarize the steps to start getting your own Online Card Payments.

-Register with Paystack as a Starter Business

-Verify and activate your account by providing your BVN, National ID/Voters Card, Bank Account Details and other information as requested.

-Once your account is activated, go to the Payment Page menu on your Paystack dashboard to create your payment pages.

-Copy your link, share to your buyer or embed into a button on your website.



If you’re selling online then you definitely want to accept cards as part of your user experience. People expect it, it will help you get more sales, and you’ll look more professional too. That’s a big bonus!

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

Are you going to start accepting online payments today?

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