What is the measurable factor of a blogger?


What brings about quality?



But sometimes, it’s easy to just find yourself in a spot, publishing posts because you feel you just have to. This is when the quality of a blogger and his posts suffer.

Willpower helps you become a successful blogger, but studies have shown that people don’t even have enough willpower to convince even themselves.

“My name is Ayomide. Your friendly neighborhood techie and I’m here to answer your questions once more and I believe this piece of information I’m about to share will impact every one of you. Let us share this together may we?”


Sometimes you wonder how some bloggers just seem propelled towards success easily while others don’t even make it till they give up eventually.


All bloggers want to make it big and have a large fan base that hangs on our every word, singing our praises all over social media, a good example like Linda Ikeji.

For some people, that dream is the impossibility; but seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way.

To help you develop and maintain this quality, I will be highlighting 5 questions you should ask yourself before you finally go into blogging and some tips to help you get closer to making it big as you progress.


1. How passionate are you about helping your audience?

It is great to be passionate, but it just isn’t enough. No one cares how passionate you are about what you do.

Passion is not going to convince people to buy what you have to offer.

Don’t misquote me anyways; passion is a big and important factor. It’s the primary and a powerful force that will drive your blogging to success. However, your blogging should not just focus on your passion alone but what problems your passion can solve for people.

Your audience should be the main reason why you are doing what you like best. This is because, without your audience, you are just like a guy walking down the street, talking to himself. You should focus more on solving the problems your audience is having. It makes a huge standout in how successful you are likely to become very soon. You should always ask yourself these few questions.

  • What do people want?
  • What are their questions?
  • What solutions do they need?
  • Does my content have a CTA (Call To Action)?
  • How can I use my passion to help others?

As a newbie, you may not understand the CTA term. Let me explain that to you.

A call to action is a directive or an instruction to your audience asking them to perform a particular action after reading your blog post.

Let’s assume you made a post on how to Grow your business by Having A Website, at the end of the post your goal is that your audience should understand what you are saying and start getting fully interested in owning a website for their business. In this case, you probably offer a website design service as a means of monetizing your blog. Your audience will likely want to refer to you to help them build their website. At that point, they don’t know how to reach you, no contact page, no mobile number, no email. They give up, and then assign the service to someone else.

But when you have a CTA, you can easily tell your audience what to do after reading that post. Your CTA can be a big button at the end of your post telling them to GET STARTED. When you provide that, with a link probably to one of your social accounts or a contact page, you have told your audience what to do when they need your services.

I hope that gives you an idea to what a CTA is.

2. How unique is your voice?

A unique voice is an important ingredient that will help you move faster to success in blogging. I wouldn’t assure you that developing a unique voice your audience will get used to is easy. But all I can tell you is “Be Yourself”.

Don’t try to imitate other people. Don’t imitate me either:).

What works for me might not work for you. Get the strap. Don’t copy. Get inspiration from others, but learn to do it your own way.

It takes a lot of time, but you will find yourself if you have a great story to tell. You are to communicate your unique journey through your blog and use it to help your audience achieve their goals and solve their problems.

Here are some ways you can develop your unique voice:

  • Share your experience regularly: Everyone knows there are ups and downs. Don’t try to seem perfect to your audience. It’s annoying. Every time you share an experience, you are a step closer to gaining your audience’s trust.
  • Be accountable: Don’t cover up. Let your audience know who you are. Vulnerability shouldn’t be considered when stepping up the ladder of success in blogging.
  • Tell stories: Stories are captivating. Share many stories related to what you are writing about. It will make reading easier for your audience and also help them connect with you better.
  • Participate in forums and comment on other people’s blogs: Keep reading and reading. Be active in other communities related to your niche.

3. Are you blogging for the money?

Are you willing to blog for free, or you are just trying to start up a blog for the money?

I have made extensive research on a lot of successful bloggers and most of them started blogging as a hobby. Big time hobby.

Many successful bloggers out there today didn’t make money for a couple of years into their blogging career. But does this mean you shouldn’t get other methods to monetize your blog?


You can absolutely monetize if you have the means. Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing are great ways to monetize your blog. You can go for them if you got what it takes.

But the question is?

“What happens when you have no means of monetizing your blog?”

Are you going to continue blogging? Or you will just shut it down?

You will definitely continue blogging if it’s your passion. So think wisely about your decision and motives first. Know and understand the tactics that will work for you, of course comfortably. Still, apart from AdSense or affiliate marketing, there are many other great ways to monetize your blog, whilst following your passion.

Here are a few ideas to get you up and running:

  • You can sell self-created e-books to your audience.
  • Offer professional services to your readers. Depending on your niche, the service you render will differ. Ranging from writing, consulting, and other professional services relevant to their needs.
  • Sell online courses to your audience.

If you have adhered to the quality guideline and have gained the trust of your audience, then any of the above ideas will be suitable for you since your audience have a connection with you, know who you are, and know they can trust you.

4. What goals are you setting?

Setting your blogging goals in the right pattern will hitch you up for success sooner. Don’t make the mistake of just blogging without goals in check. Goals help you measure your progress and know where to readjust where lacking.

Start off most importantly with long-term goals, then work bit by bit to figure out how your goals can become a reality.

Break your goals down into smaller bits to make them easier for you to contain. Let your goals reflect in the tasks you carry out daily.

For example, before you fully go into blogging, here are some goals you probably should make for yourself.

GOAL 1 – I want to purchase a web hosting and set up my blog.

GOAL 2 – I will make sure to write 2 blog posts each week.

GOAL 3 – Each post I make must be 500+ words long.

GOAL 4 – I will promote each post I publish on various social media channels.

GOAL 5 – I will achieve 100 followers on my social accounts weekly.

Note that it is very easy to set goals, but abiding by the guidelines you have set for yourself is the very hard part. Make sure you have someone to remind you of these goals if possible. But I think importantly you should be self-disciplined.

If you have the right attitude and passion, self-discipline should surely crawl in naturally as well.

5. Are you going to do what it takes to succeed?

You should be prepared to take anything that comes your way. Creating success from a blog takes a lot of time and effort.

Sometimes, you might want to change the topics you write about when they start getting boring. Everything shouldn’t go right on your first try, you just have to keep trying.

You should be:

  • Ready to make adjustments.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Self-disciplined.
  • Ready to Endure.

Read up my post on starting a blog once you are ready to get started.




Blogging is like starting a business. You never make money from day one. You have to put in frantic efforts and expertise which comes from everyday learning and mistakes to make it a success.

You may not start making money immediately from your blog but always think of it as a business. It needs investment.

Focus on creating well laid out plans and goals. Soon, you will be having the biggest chances of not just making your blog a success, but going beyond success to even having a deeper passion for it.


Which of these questions above do you find important to your new or existing blog?

Leave your answers in the comment box below. Let’s hear your thoughts.


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