How do you handle what people tell you?

In our daily interaction with people around us, we hear a lot of things every day.

From a little rumor about someone or something to facts about things you never even heard of. You are even told things about yourself. Some you know of and some you know nothing about.

How you handle this everyday information tells on you and makes a lot of impact on what you eventually think of yourself and the world around you. But a very important decision you can make to define who you are on your own terms is to not accept automatically what other people tell you. Be it about someone, something or you.

This doesn’t mean other people are wrong or not trying to be honest with you. It just means you have to take every information and access it in your own way. If it’s about you, run a quick self-evaluation or ask those close to you to confirm those facts and how you can be better.

Examine and process every information before drawing out your conclusions.

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