For quite some time now, I have been working on a tool to help companies, brands and individuals better manage their Instagram accounts.

Guess what?

I just launched it!

It’s called PostMote.


Postmote Logo - Nigeria's first and free Instagram's first content scheduler


I will give an explanation of what PostMote is all about, then dive into the main features of the PostMote app, how it works and expected to function.



What Is PostMote?

PostMote is Nigeria’s first and free Instagram’s first content scheduler.

With PostMote, Instagram Post Scheduling and Automation has never been easier than before. With this simple tool, you can pre-plan your Instagram content weeks before and sit back and watch your Instagram grow on auto-pilot.

This is perfect Instagram Marketing Tool for bloggers & brands in Nigeria that want to plan their content in advance.



The Overview

The PostMote dashboard is divided into 4 main sections.

The Utility Section at the left-end side of the dashboard, The Media Management Section, The Post Management & Schedule Section, and the Post/Story Preview Section.


PostMote Dashboard - Nigeria's first and free Instagram's first content scheduler



The Utility Section


 The Utility section of the PostMote dashboard is the area you as the user would be most familiar and consistent with. It’s the powerhouse of your PostMote dashboard.

It consists of tabs which link to the:

  • New Post/Story Area
  • Schedule Management Area
  • Caption Management Area
  • Account Management Area
  • Statistics Area
  • AutoFollow Module Management Area
  • AutoComment Module Management Area
  • AutoLike Module Management Area
  • AutoRepost Module Management Area
  • AutoUnfollow Module Management Area and,
  • The AutoDM Module Management Area.










The Media Management Section

The Media Management Section is the part of your dashboard where all your uploads made through the PostMote app is managed. As you create or schedule posts with the PostMote app, they are stored here. You can as well delete pictures or videos you don’t need anymore from the media section to manage your allocated space.



The Post Management & Schedule Section

The Post Management & Schedule Section is your Instagram app bundled into a much more extended version. There are three toggles at the top. “Add Post”, “Add Story”, “Add Album”, and they do just exactly what you think they do 🙂

Right below that, you see the Account selection area, the Media placement area, the caption area, also included with a first comment area, and an option below them all to schedule the post or post immediately.

This makes it very easy for you to manage your Instagram account even without your mobile phone, right from your PC web browser.

PostMote Post and Story Management Section



Post/Story Preview Section

Looks just like your Instagram interface, doesn’t it? It gives you a live preview of what your Instagram post will look like after you publish it. So when something doesn’t look right, you can easily fix it before making a post everyone sees.

PostMote Preview Section


Here’s what it looks like after I upload a picture and add a caption.



So, that’s a quick overview of how the PostMote app looks like and works. Feel free to try out this amazing tool and give your Instagram business or profile a big boost!

To achieve the best results, use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on PC or Android/iPhone.

Oh, Yes! I didn’t mention? PostMote works perfectly on mobile too. Mobile responsive across all platforms.

So, if it turns out you are not close to a PC or Mac to manage your Instagram account through PostMote, simply pull out your Mobile device and you are right on track!



What Next?

Having gone throught the basic features of PostMote, your next thought should be? How Do I Grow My Instagram Account With PostMote.

All you have to do is sign-up for a free PostMote account and get started!


Sign Up


1. Visit www.postmote.com.ng,  click the Yellow-like Sign Up button at the top-right of the page, or click the “TRY FOR FREE” button on the page.

Sign Up For PostMote - Nigeria's first and free Instagram's first content scheduler



2. Fill in your necessary details in the sign-up form, then Create your account.

PostMote Signup Page


3. If signup is successful, you are directed immediately to your admin dashboard. Then you have to confirm your email address to continue using PostMote’s features. All you have to do is check your Inbox or Spam Mail. Then click the activation link you receive from PostMote, and that’s all! Your account is activated immediately and PostMote’s feature’s fully unlocked to you.




What do you think about the PostMote? If you haven’t used it, go check it out and sign up now.

And if you find any bugs or have any issues, please email them to [email protected] so my team and I can work on fixing them.

Please note that this is a work in progress and other amazing features are already being worked on for future release. A lot of these ideas come from you guys so, please, the more feedback the better.

So, what do you think about the PostMote? 🙂

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