What If There Is No One Else? [Video]


I Made More Time For Nothing

I published a piece recently on why you need to cut the crap and focus on important things. Then at some point, I really needed to ask myself this question. "Dear Ayomide, what if you actually need a break from

Why Are You Still Alive?

Have you been reading the news all around? Young folks taking their lives, depression taking the toll. I thought the world had become far better than it used to be in the old days. We hardly run from wars now,

We Need To Cut The Crap

Hi. I guess I’m going to keep using that word till we connect again. But seriously, we have to talk. And it’s not about you, it’s about both of us. We wake up every day and we give our attention

Process Every Opinion.

How do you handle what people tell you? In our daily interaction with people around us, we hear a lot of things every day. From a little rumor about someone or something to facts about things you never even heard

Good Is Good Enough

When you mop your toilet floor you don’t mop it to perfection. You can’t see the bacteria, but it's really still there, lots of it. You could invest more time and liquid into getting it totally disinfected, at least for

What Exactly Do You Want?

What is the most important question you could ask yourself? It's what you’d do if money were no object. If all of your basic needs were taken care of and you had a disposable income to do with whatever you

Why you will never find your passion
Why You Will Never Find Your Passion

You need to design something, you want to write an article, you need to fix up your code bugs, you have to re-design your bag collection - You feel you can't do it alone, then you get your headset, or

Developing Mental Toughness

It’s great to talk about mental toughness, strength, perseverance and all, but what do these things actually look like in the real world? In one word, I can say mental toughness equals consistency.   Mental toughness is an abstract quality,

Life Goals Are Problematic – Except This One

  We all want more in life. A successful career, a big happy family, a generous income, body goals, owning a billion dollar company, writing the best books and so much more. I woke up on a bright Sunday morning,

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