Hi guys!

So I have been messing around lately with some code, trying to create a couple of useful tools for my readers. Well, some are ready, some are still cranked up and buggy; but I am finally breaking one out today.

An SEO Analysis Tool.

Took me a couple of weeks to put together though, I believe I’d have done it faster anyways since I’m not so much of a backend freak unlike my design and marketing sides, but what counts? This tool is working, to a point now! And I’d appreciate if Y’all tried it out.

It’s an online SEO tool that analyzes your website no matter where it’s hosted and gives you a detailed report on how your SEO is doing and how much better it can be, of course, the ways you can also go around that.

It’s fully deployed and hosted right on my website, so you can visit the page here.

It’s really easy to use, and all you just have to do is enter your website URL into the form, and it instantly displays your SEO results, No signups, no opt-ins.

Still, I will show you how you can use it. It is also appropriate to use it to study your competition’s SEO, Keywords and so on.

To get started, open your browser, visit:  https://ayomidejohnson.com.ng/seo-analysis-tool/

The SEO Analysis Homepage will load up in a couple of seconds.


Likewise, you can access the page by navigating over to the menu, place your mouse on “Tools”, then click “SEO Analysis Tool”

seo analysis tool

Now, it’s time to analyze your website. Well, I don’t know your website, so I’ll start with one of mine, an Entertainment Blog: www.risingvibes.com.ng. Simply assuming “www.risingvibes.com.ng” is the name of the website we want to analyze.

Type in your website’s address in the analysis form, in my case, I’m typing in “www.risingvibes.com.ng”. Once that’s done, click on the green “Analyze” button. Then wait for your results. Depending on your data connection, that shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds to process.

Now, you should see your analysis results displayed just like below.

Here the tool shows my SEO Score, which is 67/100, I definitely need to do more work on that then.

There’s a “SEND TO EMAIL” functionality as well, so you can send your analysis reports straight up to your email address.

Other information displayed such as the website’s status, response time, page rank, alexa rank, Domain age and more.

So, I can say I made some little effort, and as time goes on, I will surely keep improving the tool in anyway I can 🙂

So, do make sure to use it to analyze your SEO today, and as well share with others.

What are you waiting for?

Are you going to take a leap to improving your SEO today?

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