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You might have always heard of the challenges of monetizing a blog, especially when it comes to getting approved by Google Adsense. This has made many to shy away from ever starting a blog because they don’t see themselves earning from it anyways.

But seriously, is it all about Adsense? Adsense is just so overhyped these days! There are actually super Adsense alternatives in Nigeria you have probably not heard about and just the point – I don’t use Adsense. In fact, I hate it.

Check out this advertisement below, it is coming fully from a Nigerian Ad Network – Just like Adsense, and I make cool cash from those ads.

Want to get rid of Adsense trouble today and start earning from your blog? Let’s get started.

I will be making a list of the top Nigerian Advertising networks. All you have to do is register, create your ad codes, place them on your website and start earning.

The good news is many of these networks don’t even require a particular traffic threshold before you are activated.

You can put more than one of these Ad networks in a blog without having fear of being bound and you can sign-up and put their banner in your blog in less than 30 minutes.

If you don’t know anything about blogging, or how to start your first blog, read this guide before going on.


Top Nigerian Advertising Networks – Just Like Adsense


– Alternative Ads

They are one of the top ad networks not just in Nigeria alone, but in Africa at large. They measure based Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Impression.

Signing up to this ad network is quite easy and doesn’t require some minimum traffic.

They also have a minimum payment threshold of $50 and provide various form and sizes of banner ads.

They as well have an affiliate referral program. In this program, you can earn as much as 3% of the money spent by an advertiser you referred and 5% of the money gained by the publisher you referred.

They pay via paypal for users outside Nigeria and bank transfer methods for users within Nigeria.

You can sign up here 🙂


– NG Adverts

NG Adverts is another ads network in Nigeria just like Adsense. They have a super fast approval rate. You can choose to sign up as a publisher, and an advertiser. They as well offer both Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Impression Ads.

Their minimum payout starts from NGN3,000.

The payment method is Bank/Wire transfer.

Note: Do not click on their ads in your blog, else they will ban your account.

Sign up on NG Adverts here.



– Adquet

Adquet is another top Nigerian ad network. Easy and fast approvals, no minimum traffic is required to get started on Adquet.

Another good thing is, Adquet also supports sub-domains. So it’s ideal for those using Free WordPress/Blogger blogs like example.wordpress.com or example.wordpress.

The pay ranges from NGN 5 to NGN 100 which depends on the banner size.

The minimum payout for Adquet starts from NGN2,500.

Their payment methods are Bank/Wire Transfer & Paypal.

Adquet as well offers Cost-Per-Click & Cost-Per-Impression ads.

Sign up for Adquet Now



You have probably hit buttons to check out these ad networks. Trust me, you will love what you see 🙂

Piece of advice though, before signing-up on any ad network, always go through their terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary bans to your account and as a point of note, avoid clicking your own ads; you might not be trying to be smart but it matters a lot.

So, that said, how do you intend monetizing your blog without Google Adense and which ad network are you going to try out today? 🙂

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