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3 Major Mistakes I Made Trying To Sell My First Online Course

When I started this website, I was looking for several ways to make money off it. Days of research and I finally concluded on creating a digital product – An online course.

I knew I was going to fail woefully with selling that course. I had just started out, I hardly had any helpful skills to share, no guidance, no mentor. I didn’t even know what to teach.

But guess what? My first online course worked and I made sales! I was so excited.

I am no expert, and I can’t say I have a well-grounded knowledge on what it takes to sell a million copies of an online course.

Just like every other absolute beginner, my first online course might have never been a financial success!

Creating, launching and selling an online course goes way more than creating a downloadable guide or recording videos. There are many parts you need to join together and if you don’t hire a coach to help you facilitate the whole process or creating, launching, distributing and selling your first, second or even third online course, you will end up failing.

For me, it all began on my very first attempt at creating and launching an online course. I made so many errors I wish I had known and they cost me time, money, and frustrating nights. In this blog post, I will love to share them with you, so you can learn from them and minimize your mistake rate (You will surely make mistakes after reading this post but it doesn’t have to be as much as I made) 😀

#1: I didn’t invest in my own education

In the first part of this post, I mentioned that I hardly had any valuable skills to share – Yet I badly wanted to create an online course simply because “I needed to monetize my website my all means”.

As much as I wasn’t so interested in the experience any of my students would go through while using my course, I was as well not interested in building my knowledge. Bad right? Don’t worry – I am born again now, LOL

And if I had no valuable skills to share, and I didn’t build on my own knowledge, how did I manage to create a course at all? That leads me to the next mistake.

#2: I tried to copy others

No, I didn’t ‘copy and paste’ someone else’s course word for word. In the world of content creation, we often look at what others are doing for inspiration to apply to our own copy. Everyone has their style, method and uniqueness.

The mistake I made here was I followed the footsteps of others, without properly researching “The Why”. This is a mistake you should not make. When looking up to other creators for inspiration, understand why they do the things they do. Then create your own methods, style and stay unique. You have your “WHY”.

#3: I tried to teach everything in one course

I had this mindset that the more topics I had in my online course, the more value it would offer. And it needed to kick ass right? It’s my first online course for God’s sake!

I thought I had to teach everything I knew (the stuff I think I knew right?), or I would be guilty of taking other peoples’ money without offering the full value they deserved. I was also a little afraid that someone might rise up and think I was a fraud or ask me for a refund if they started taking my course and realized some topics were omitted. It’s so easy for creators to get caught in this trap.


There were several other mistakes I made. Big and small.

My point it, I’m not a magician or some special lucky creator. I don’t have access to exclusive experts, technology or resources. I just learned a lot by constantly doing, failing, trying again, invested in my education, and now I have a proven roadmap that I follow every single time I create and launch an online course.

If I can make it happen. You can make it happen as well.

So have you tried to create an online course before? What mistakes did you make? Share with me in the comments below!

So where do you want to get started? When is an important question but “HOW” is a much more important question. How do you want to launch your first Online Money-Making Course?

In a low-profit way? Or a revenue-driving way? It’s up to you.

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