So, as part of my little projects, I had it planned to develop an Online Nigerian Music Upload Platform for Upcoming Artistes to easily upload their songs.

This need came up when music artists always had to contact me to help them upload their songs on my blog, sending audio files, covers, etc.

Sometimes I find it difficult to achieve fast because of other numerous projects, so I decided to build a platform where they can simply register, log in, upload and also generate a share link to any of their songs.

Well, Hello Songies, your platform is ready. Although bugs may be expected, I assure you it will meet your needs for now. With time, I will be making improvements to the platform.

It is also the music extension of Rising Vibes. So, you can call it Rising Vibes Music :).

All music artistes can visit and log on now to https://music.risingvibes.com.ng to upload and share their songs.

No more begging and paying bloggers!

Music promotion on Rising Vibes is free.

So, I’ll explain how the platform works.



Visit https://music.risingvibes.com.ng. Click the large “JOIN THE VIBE NOW” button. A pop-up will appear. You can also use the mini “CONNECT” button at the right edge of the website.

Fill in the registration form. It’s A simple and short form. Afterward, click “REGISTER”


Once you are registered, you get into this screen. Click the large upload button to upload your songs. The upload page will load up

So, here on the upload page, is where the real fun is 8)

Enter the Title of your song into the title box, the description should contain the information about your music that you want your fans to see, like the history, what inspired it, and so on. The tags should contain the keyword for your song. Like if you want your music to appear when people search for rap songs, then you should type RAP. You can also put in your stage name and song name, as many tags as you want.

Afterwards, head over to the “Upload Image” button to upload the cover art for your song. Cover art files are restricted to 5MB. If it’s beyond that, your song will not upload.

Afterwards, move on to the “Upload Track” button, then locate your song on your storage.

Once done, head over to the Metadata and fill the fields as required. Also visit the permissions page. There you can specify if you want people to simply listen to your song, or you are giving them ability to download as well.

Then you can go on to click the little “Upload button’ at the bottom of the page! And that’s it! Your song, online! 🙂

You will get this success message once your upload is successful.

To share the links to your songs here is what you should do:

Click on the profile Avatar at the top of the page, inside the drop-down, click on your username.

Your profile page will load where you will see the list of all your tracks. Click on the “Share” button, a pop-up will appear with the link to your song. Simply copy the link and share to all your friends.

There are also extra buttons to share your songs directly to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Soon, I will add a WhatsApp button.

Every process I explained here also applies to mobile phone users. The platform is totally mobile responsive.

For a new account on Rising Vibes Music, the total space allocated to you for music upload is 50MB, and you can only upload a 10MB song at a time. But there is an option to go pro under your profile, where you will pay just N2,000 per year.

For N2,000, you will have up to 3GB of space to store and share your songs, upload up to 15MB of songs at a time, you will be able to view and monitor who is playing your songs, how many downloads you are getting, and many more other features.

Pro accounts also get a verified badge beside their profiles 🙂

So, it’s easier than it looks :). Start promoting your songs now. Stop begging and paying bloggers!

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