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How To Make 20k - 50k Weekly Just For Posting On Your Social Media Handles.

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Hi. In this short but highly valuable report, I am going to reveal to you a Special Platform that PAYS you just for posting on your WhatsApp Status.

The good news is that, it is VERY EASY to make money on this platform because it is a Nigerian Based Startup. So you can get paid in Naira directly into your Bank Account

The bigger news is that this platform also PAYS you for doing some tasks with your social media accounts.

Imagine being paid 20 – 50k weekly just for Liking & Commenting on Posts?

Yes – It’s real and it is one of the secret platforms I happily log on to make money on daily!

Here are a few things this platform pays you to do:

  • Get Paid For Subscribing To Youtube Channels assigned to you
  • Get Paid for Liking/Commenting on Social Media posts assigned to you
  • Get Paid for Following Pages assigned to you
  • And so much more.

Now.. You may ask me, “Ayomide, why are you giving out all this information for free?”

It’s because:

  1. I know you have goals. You have a dream. You have something you want to achieve – and one way or the other, you need money to achieve this. I also had to struggle to make a lot of money before I could achieve some of the things I could today.
  2. Because Everyone Has A Right To Information!
  3. Because one of my life’s mission is empowerment. I want to empower as many as I possibly can – without expecting anything back in return. I want to be able to look back and be proud of what I have done for humanity so far!

Read The Guidelines Below To Start Making Money On This Special Platform


Click HERE to Sign Up on the platform. Once the website loads, go to the Menu, then click on “Sign Up”

It’s a short process and all that’s needed is your Name, Email & Password.


Once signup is Successful. Your User Dashboard will be created Instantly! CONGRATULATIONS.

Now you are one step away.

At the top of the dashboard, you will see a red notice saying “Activate Your Membership”. Now, to earn on this platform, you need to Activate Your Membership with a Small Amount of 1,000 Naira.

Click the “Become A Member” button on the website to go to the Activation Page immediately!


Once on the activation page, please read everything on the page to see what your Membership offers you. You can see a lot of exciting earning options. There is so much potential!

Once you are done reading and (and by now I know you will be pumped up), click the “CLICK HERE TO PAY NOW” button to Activate your Membership for just 1,000 Naira.

You’ll be able to Pay with your Card/USSD via their online payment portal. Immediately your payment is successful, your membership will be approved IMMEDIATELY! It’s Automated.

NOW GO FORTH & EARN! I Want To See You Win!


Look at the image below. If you followed the instructions above and successfully activated your membership, then you will begin to get tasks assigned to you just like in the image below and you will be paid immediately you complete your tasks. You can see the live proof from the image below.

It’s That Simple & Easy!