Hi guys. Let’s talk about tools… What tools do you use to make your tasks easier online?

Here are some of mine:


1. Planoly:

Planoly helps me save time and effort by allowing me to schedule & plan Instagram posts ahead of time.


2. Canva:

Canva gives me limitless possibilities to what I can design. I use Canva for anything pretty graphic related – from logos, business cards, icons, illustrations, banners, and social graphics.


3. InShot:

I use Inshot for editing pictures and videos. Asides giving you editing capabilities, InShot also lets you create your own videos right from a blank canvas – so you can be as creative as you need to be.


4. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a simple tool that helps me communicate better and spices up your grammar! Just like the name implies. It can be downloaded as a desktop application or Google Chrome extension.


5. WordPress:

WordPress is a blogging and content management tool but with the use of plugins, you have the ability to build full-function websites without learning to code.

WordPress helps me keep things simple by giving me a user-friendly platform to manage my website and all of my on-site activity.


6. Adobe Lightroom:

Lightroom helps me import, organize, and manage my images. In turn, Lightroom is photo management and photo editing, combined into a single tool. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom is a non-destructive photo editor, so I am guaranteed of maximum image quality when editing and saving my images.


So, I would love to know what’s in your toolkit as well. Someone else may need some of them!

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