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Lessons From Successful People – Sometimes I feel like I have finally gotten the chance to peek behind the closet that houses all the vital tips and information needed to succeed in life and business even. Not like I am all successful anyways, but some of these things I learn and apply from successful people I study every day gives me this feeling that I’m doing things right to some point.

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My name is Ayomide Johnson. Your friendly neighborhood techie and I’m here to answer your questions once more and I believe this piece of information I’m about to share will impact every one of you. Let us share this good feeling together may we?

Over the last few years, I have been on one hell of a journey; you can call it an online journey :). Studying several personalities across several niches and professions, I have made so many role models and aimed to be like many, in terms of achievement and even the very good things that make them stand out.

From my studies and followership, I have learned so much from successful people which I apply daily and that I would love to share with you.




From my study, successful people don’t succumb easily when someone asks them to. They hardly do. They would challenge everyone who dares throw a NO their way.

To successful people, NO is a temporary drawback to achieving ultimate “YES” goals. It tells them they are doing the right thing and taking action rather than guessing or making easy assumptions.





Young Man Waking Up

If you are lazy, or a late riser dreaming of success, then you might want to change this habit. I changed this a long time ago and I can assure you it goes a long way in making your day productive and even, healthier. Over-sleeping kills success.

You need extra time to make your goals and dream a reality and that extra time comes during the early hours of the morning. Anything after that, you are simply having to do the usual routine of your day and that isn’t putting in extra effort to realizing your goals.

I’m committed to waking up 4:30 every day and here’s how I spend those extra 3 hours 30 minutes before 8:00.

  • 4:30 – 5:00 : Exercise
  • 5:00 – 6:30 : This is the time I have to take a bath, do some laundry and organize my stuff.
  • 6:30 – 8:00 : I spend the rest of the time coding, writing or working on some projects I couldn’t get to complete the previous day. Even if I don’t get to complete them eventually, it still gives me a hang on what next to do to complete it during my usual work hours. Makes my day less complicated.

Using my mornings this way is what gives me a whole lot of leverage to get so many things done. People wonder how I’m able to cope with being into a lot of things at the same time. The secret is “WAKING UP BEFORE SUNRISE BABY”.

I haven’t studied or met a successful person who doesn’t wake before the sun rises. Time is the resource everyone has equally, so learn to utilize it properly. Don’t waste it.




Don't care

Pardon my use of “WE”, sometimes I love to think of myself of being successful too. It fuels my drive to being that successful person I want to be; you know.

We don’t care. Yes, successful people don’t care what you think about them. You don’t like what we are doing? We really don’t care. You think we are crazy? We still don’t care.

We only welcome opinions when it comes to improving one of our products or services. Trust me on that, no matter how little your opinion is on any of my products or services, I care down to the core. Why? It is the basis for improving my delivery to make my customers happy. Please, I’m I starting to get into business talk already? Pardon me.

Truth is, successful people don’t want to please everyone. They don’t need to know if people agree with their ideas. They are rebels with a cause and spending valuable time caring about insignificant issues takes out attention needed to smash out unachieved goals.



Avoid social media

Successful people hardly spend time on social media. Social media is designed to keep you involved and waste your precious time.

It’s a plan ruining element. This is a concept only crazy and successful people understand. For this reason, successful people box out social media a great deal.

Most don’t use it at all.

Applying this to me, check out my social pages. Most of the time, I use social media to get my message out, advertise products and services, get inspiration and ideas, or create content sometimes even.

The difference between me and an average social media user is that I know how addictive and time-wasting social media can be.

I limit my usage to short bursts of time probably twice a day. Even at that, it hasn’t stopped me from connecting to people that matter, following role models, and many other productive activities.

Want to be successful? Work on your social media usage.



Taking notes

I have discovered from successful people that talking too much kills success. Successful people make it a habit to listen to what others have to say.

They own crazy amounts of different notepads storing several pieces of information here and there. You know how crazy that sounds now.

This practice has always worked for me. Taking notes is how I store and retain everything I have learned from various sources.

I am more of the digital type though. I’m not so much a fan of physical notebooks but I use almost 3 notepad applications on my mobile phone. Each with at least 40 pieces of notes containing several bits of information here and there, snippets of code, hummed phrases, unreadable characters…. Okay, stop! before you call me crazy but wait! I think I have those on my Windows Sticky Note application too. My desktop, Littered With Notes! Well, let’s go back to talking about successful people.

Successful people don’t trust their brain to remember everything, if not anything. Storing bits and pieces of information in notes helps them free up their mind to focus on creating better ideas.



We don’t joke with free-time. In short, we love free time. Who wants to work? It’s really tiring. But not like work is tiring.

Successful people just want to do all they can to avoid going through the same routine of life over and over again, every day. So they take chill breaks. Successful people travel. And if you don’t have all that money to travel, just take a long walk. Like I do :D.

I see chill breaks as a time to decompress and think of what I have achieved so far, and what more steps I need to take to achieve more. It’s my therapy to not getting consumed by all failure I have encountered and also have to endure on my way to success, just like successful people do.



Successful people are loaded with so much energy; they have to let you know it. That’s the best way of convincing you of their grand plans, demonstrating it through their energy.

Successful people are totally passionate about everything they do. We don’t find happiness until we achieve our goal.

Successful people support this goal by eating food that will energize and get you going. So, see? I’m not a foodie for nothing. Although, my family and most people would say I don’t eat as much as someone should; I eat tons to me. I still don’t know why they have to see me that way. Family! We gotta talk. Y’all gotta come back up this article. Let these guys know I’m a foodie, not a ‘starvie’.



The heading says it all. Successful people think about money differently. A good reason people ask me why I don’t change my phone or wardrobe when I hit myself up on some big deal of cash.

I see money as a resource to help more people by creating better innovative products which will make an even bigger difference.

To successful people, making money isn’t some selfish goal to buy expensive items to show off or prove someone wrong. This is why I study and follow the life patterns of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

These guys are swimming in money, but prefer to rock simple polos or sweatshirts. No gold chain, No gold teeth (lol, rappers forgive me), no gold plated iPhones. Even Bill Gates doesn’t use an iPhone but just a simple custom Android device.

Most people of the average living cost already use the iPhone X. Mark Zuckerberg uses the same classic MacBook everyone else uses. I thought he would have the diamond plated one (LOL).

Instead what these guys do is channel their money to the great good, support NGOs, fund campaigns and still on the mission to help make the world a better place. If you want to be really successful, I think you should start changing your intentions on what to do with money when it comes eventually.

For a successful person, making money should be a means to change the world in every significant way possible.

More significantly for me, I see money as a resource to fuel my dreams.



Serving a community, employees, customers or people in need, whatever you might choose to call it, successful people serve people more than they serve themselves.

This is based on the fact that when you help make others successful, wealth will automatically locate you. All the ideas of a successful person revolve around this fact.

It’s this feeling of doing something bigger than themselves, something that leaves a legacy. The dream of every successful person is to leave a legacy. This leads me to my last point.



If you meet someone who doesn’t inspire you, then they are not doing something worth emulation. One thing successful people do is inspire people.

A conversation with them is uplifting and motivating. It totally changes the way you think. One conversation with them makes you feel good about what you are doing, what you are about to set out to do and makes you want to achieve significant goals in your own life.

Successful people go their way to be an inspiration to everyone else. We can all be a source of inspiration and success just like some of these individuals I’ve pointed out.

I follow many of them, and every day I do all I can to inspire, educate and help as many as I can. That is why you are able to read this. If someone didn’t care, you wouldn’t get this info handy you know.




It’s a choice you should be willing to make, but it also comes with a lot of sacrifices, hard work, and a reframed mindset.

Are you ready to be in this class of crazy and successful people?

Do you have a piece of advice to help us all in becoming better and successful people? I will appreciate and learn a lot from it too.

Make use of the comment box below and let everyone know your ideas.

And if you enjoyed reading this, please do recommend and share with others.

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