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4 Ways a Landing Page Can Grow Your Business and Sales In Nigeria

So you ask, “Can a landing page grow my business in Nigeria” , “Or can a landing page help me generate more product sales” ? Absolutely yes!

The end goal of building a landing page for your product is to nurture and eventually convert customers who are not ready to buy. A landing page is very useful for producing enticing offers when trying to drive sales for a particular product or service you offer. In this post, I will go into details as to what a landing page is, the characteristics of a highly converting landing page in Nigeria, how a landing page can grow your business in Nigeria and why you should definitely own one for your business.

Let’s start by knowing exactly what a landing page is. What is a landing page?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage that exists separately from your main website, created for the sole purpose of simplifying your product and service offers and as well convincing your visitors to take just one specific action. A landing page wins all the time because its conversion rates are higher than that of the usual website.

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Purpose of a Landing Page

For a page to be built separately from the main website, it means its made to serve a particular purpose, or several other purposes at that. But majorly, a landing page is made for the following purposes

  1. To encourage a visitor to take a particular action (E.g: Click on a button, fill out a form)
  2. To drive a visitor to convert (To make a purchase)
  3. To give more information or spread awareness about a product or service
  4. To create a user feedback system or get visitors to leave comments about a product or service.

Knowing the purposes of a landing page, its time to identify your goals and know what a landing page stands to offer your product or service in particular.

Here are 4 ways a landing page can grow your business in Nigeria and help you generate more sales.

1. They Help Visitors Concentrate On Your Offer

Your potential customers found your landing page for a reason, from a particular source. Now your landing page helps to eliminate distractions and long boring talks about your company or business and allows them focus on the detail of your product or offer. This makes a landing page a much more effective extension of your business.

2. They Simplify Lead Generation

On a landing page, forms are designed in a less intimidating way. Unlike the home page, contact or order pages where you might require extra information, less is more for the landing page.

A good landing page lead generation form consists of quickly collectible data like Name, Email and a Phone number field. This makes it very easy for your visitors to quickly drop their information in exchange for something during the short time span you have their attention.

3. They Help Segment Your Audience

A good landing page is dedicated for a separate set of customers who might be interested in a particular offer or service. For example as a fashion company, you can have different landing pages for Shoes, Hats, Glasses and so many more. You can even link each page to the other through upsells on your landing page after indication of specific interest from your customers.

4. They Help Thank Your Buyers Properly

Every good landing page has a “Thank You” page accompanied with it. This gives your buyer a reassurance that they have completed a particular step or purchase and acts as a confirmation.


Before you came across this post, what exactly have you been doing? Have you been sending your visitors to your home page where they don’t seem to know what to do next eventually because they have too many options


Do you direct them to a dedicated landing page that compels them to carry out the exact action you need them to take?

To increase sales on your website, you first need to be able to figure out what you want your visitors to do. Once you figure that out, you then need to create a landing page to help them carry out that action easily and quickly.

Let’s go through a summary of 4 ways a landing page can help your business in Nigeria:

  1. They help visitors concentrate on your offer
  2. They simplify lead generation
  3. They help segment your audience
  4. They help thank your buyers properly

So do you need help building a landing page for your business? Or do you have an existing landing page which is not making you sales at all? Chances are it needs to be optimized for conversions. Why not start a conversation with me today? Let’s get the ball rolling.

Click here to contact me.

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