Perhaps you don’t know, but I know everyone knows this; “Someday you are going to die”.

So, if you have a job that you are in currently, and HATE, then I’m sorry to always break bad news, “You are wasting your life”

Where does it all start?

Mostly for everyone, our childhood days (between 0 – 15 years) is always a lot of fun. Where you don’t have to figure out a lot of things for yourself. Most start understanding the hard reality of life say around age (17 – 20). At age 20, most people actually find a job or a means of living.

Now figure this out, you get a job at age 20. Then work and work with that hope of retiring at age 65 with a lot of benefits and achievement. That’s not a bad one to think about.

But what happens when you actually find yourself in a situation where you have to work for 45 good years of your life doing what you hate? That’s bad. I tell you, you’d die younger and without purpose.

If you are a lucky person, you might live all the way to 80 years old, that leaves you with 15 years of your life to actually regret not doing anything meaningful with your life or achieving purpose.

The fact is, most people hate what they do, but spend majority of their lives doing it.

It’s time to Re-purpose your life

Would you like to spend majority of your life doing something you hate?

I say No first.

Just so you are aware, if you actually look towards retiring at age 65, most especially in a job you hate, I’m sorry to break bad news, again, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!

Because from due statistics, only 82% of people in the world will actually live well and healthy to the age of 65.

So, don’t stay at a job where you hate Mondays, and live just to survive on weekends alone. If you hate your job, QUIT IT! There are many other ways to make money.

It’s absolutely fine to wake up tomorrow and rework your life’s goals to completely become the person you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to start.



I guess you might be saying to yourself right now, “That’s unrealistic! I have a family to feed, relatives to care for and so on”.

I would ask you, “Wouldn’t you like to have a life full of purpose and one that would motivate your children to walk in your footsteps as well?” Because if you end your whole life doing something you hate, your children are watching, they will definitely do the same.

Even if you make less money, there is a lot of gain attached to doing what you truly love. Whether you make your money as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company or a Cleaner at a mart, the fact remains that in body and spirit, we are all equal. We are all going to die the same way. So why don’t you make a difference for yourself and hope to lay down one day and be happy that you lived a life of purpose?

With great passion or respect, I want to challenge you to think back on your life. If you are not happy about the job you are doing, find something else to do. Like I always say, it’s not about money. You don’t have to feel intimidated or cast down by others who flaunt their riches.


It’s all about making an impact

The real successful people don’t flaunt money but make money to make impact in the lives of others. And the truth remains that, you don’t even have to be rich before you move on to make an impact.

Making an impact is giving that beggar by the road side what he deserves. Making an impact is being sensitive to people’s needs around you and doing whatever you can, in your power to make it better.

Making an impact is giving someone a big smile and telling them how good looking they are. Making an impact is making someone’s day a bit brighter than normal. It’s not all about Money!


Money is just a thing.

When doing what makes you happy, you don’t have to fear being judged by people because you don’t have some “Great Job Title” or “Household Name”.

Don’t get to the point when you look back to the end of your life and see unfulfilled dreams, or chances you never took or days you just wasted off sitting at a job you hate.

Don’t be so busy trying to make a living that you forget to actually make a life.

Life is so short, always do something that you love and be proud of it always. Speak inspiration to yourself. Speak life into your passion. Don’t wait to be encouraged by others. Don’t depend fully on remarks.

Believe in you.

Always make sure you have quality time to spend with family. Because building a happy family is one of the greatest success you can ever achieve for yourself.

You were not born to just pay bills and die. You are born to Thrive.

Rethink your life today.

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