How To Reply Instagram Direct Messages from Your Desktop

If you have an actively running business on Instagram, you most likely wished for this. Think about the battle of typing long pieces of information to your customers, without any formatting options, all through the small buttons on your smartphone! Well it’s all about to get easier, faster and more flexible.

Facebook announced recently that it is rolling out an important update for Page Managers & Admins to be able to receive and reply to Instagram Direct Messages right from the Facebook Page Inbox area.

Very soon, you will be able to manage all your Messenger & Instagram Direct Messages all from the same place. Exciting, isn’t it?



How to Respond to Instagram DMs on Facebook

Facebook’s introduced the unified Pages inbox, from which you’ll be able to respond to messages from both Facebook Messenger and Instagram!

Immediately you get access to the feature, you’ll see options for both “Messenger” and “Instagram Direct” when you open your Facebook Pages inbox.



Start by heading over to your Facebook Page and clicking the Inbox tab at the top of the screen.



On the left side of your screen, you should see inbox options for both Messenger and Instagram Direct on the dashboard



When you open Instagram Direct tab, you can view and respond to all your Instagram DMs. Also make sure you have connected your Instagram account to your Facebook Page.





Interesting enough, the new conjoined inbox will also be available on mobile through the Facebook Pages Manager app, which is actually my favorite platform from which I manage my Facebook Pages. If you are like me, it makes it easier to respond to messages even when you’re on the go!


So, what do you think about this interesting feature? Are you ready to try it out?



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