I published a piece recently on why you need to cut the crap and focus on important things. Then at some point, I really needed to ask myself this question.

“Dear Ayomide, what if you actually need a break from the important stuff you gotta do?”

What if the important things are actually stressing you out and draining your physical and mental energy? I had to ask because it started to feel like I was placing too much pressure on the important stuff to the point that I began to wear out.

Working on a series of projects and trying to combine many things at the same time, I became stressed out, felt sick and was even starting to lose my mind. Taking out even the smallest things on those around me.

Ayomide Johnson Eninla - I made more time for nothing


Being Busy Is An Addiction

I am a big fan of multitasking and automation. I try as much as possible to fill every hour of my day with something to do. And to be honest I have been doing this to feel proud for myself, not knowing I have been working myself into the ground and jeopardizing my well-being.

I barely slept and eating was like a chore. It seems like I have been busy but there has really been no productivity so far, well at some point. I lost my creative self, tired and fed up of my routine but kept trying to do a lot of stuff since anything less than that would mean I have been lazy.


Then I Broke Down…

In fact, I stopped taking calls from my new clients. I had a lot of clients with different nature of jobs but I felt they were a part of the crap I needed to let go of for a while and I didn’t even need more at that point. I needed space to breathe, not more things to do.

There are special types of downtimes you need to go through to awaken you to reality and this was the one I had to go through. I had to stop and think if everything I was doing was creating meaning, progress, and fulfillment in my life.

This is not me being ungrateful about where I am but I think I’ve been there way too long already.
These endless notifications, social media mentions, meetings, tasks? They really don’t have a place in our lives. They cost us more – making us measure productivity and success on a false scale.


My Perfect Nothing

So this time, I didn’t just cut the crap. I cut everything. It had a lot of side effects but it gave me the reason to miss the things I do on a daily basis. After cutting off everything and doing ‘Nothing’, I found myself NOT PLANNING TO GO THROUGH THE SAME PROCESS but rather CREATING BETTER PLANS TO CARRY OUT MY PROCESS

This experience taught me that doing Nothing sometimes is the right response.

Sometimes, not trying to fix something is precisely what is needed to fix it.

This is hard to follow because “Yeah everyone wants to be proactive, we all wanna solve our problems aggressively; at least that makes you feel better about yourself”

If doing NOTHING for a while helps you jump back into your daily routine feeling rested, recharged and ready for anything, why not?
Either work or fun, what are those things you need to take a break from? Do you need to simplify your life? Or cut off toxic friends? Or go on a digital break? And if you don’t want to cut out all of that, how about re-shuffling your priorities?

If you’re having trouble getting yourself out of your busy state or aren’t quite convinced that you should, consider this: How much happiness and meaning has been busy brought you?


Let’s Press Play.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you find you are doing nothing? Or just the thought of it? It’s a good sign. You have a drive, you want to change something and you definitely have dreams to achieve.

But doing Nothing is an opportunity for you to take a step back from the busyness of life to become more effective at it. If you are too busy surviving, you need to understand that you are not on the lane of prosperity. You are worn out, unhealthy and unmotivated.

Do Nothing.

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