I just had a flashback. A day where I should have gone left but would have probably gone right.
The day my dad was so frustrated with my school grades. He walked me to school that morning with a dire intention.
The decision I knew was going to change my life forever.
Since I wasn’t doing well as a Science Student, he was going to request that Mr. Williams, my principal changed my department to Art or Commercial or something.
He believed I didn’t have the intellect to graduate as a science student, so he wanted me to go for something less intellectual.
I didn’t have the power to argue, I was probably too young to define my own choices. So I just had to follow whatever guidance I got, right?
All these came through my mind as we came closer to approaching Mr. Williams at the school gate.
Mr. Williams looked at me, I had it in mind that he had come to the conclusion that I had done something grievous at home, preparing to be another one of his thrash goats for the morning. Maybe I was the only one thinking that way.
My dad let it out and told Mr. Williams he wasn’t satisfied with my grades, I probably needed to switch so I can make higher grades. After he knocked himself out, I was preparing to fill a couple of forms and meet the new set of classmates anyways 🙁
I didn’t even realize Mr. Williams had been laughing so hard, patting me on the back while he did. He told my dad a few words, but all I can remember him say was, “You see John failing, I see him doing better very soon. He has potential, but he still doesn’t know how to use it, yet. If you change his department now, he’s going to do much worse. I say we leave him to improve”.
My dad wanted the best for me, but he just had to accept Mr. William’s suggestion.
A few years later, I’m writing my SSCE … right up on the front seat.
Everyone else biting their pens and sulking over the said-to-be-tough Physics exams. I am flowing with answers, the source of the cheat sheet. I come out of the hall a celebrity as I bailed everyone out with my miraculous and timely knowledge. I’m not promoting mal-practice but cmon, folks needed help ..lol
And please don’t let WAEC see this, my Certificate is still there.. lol.
Few more years later, I’m involved in a more distinct and calculated field of Science… Programming.
Dealing with complex terms and syntaxes. Building apps, understanding algorithms, creating viruses.
Who knows, I could have been a sad Accountant or Economist by now. And maybe I’d have switched to programming eventually even at that. You just can’t click those buttons again after you’ve gone through the door…
I don’t have to reemphasize the lesson potential parents can learn from this.

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