So, I haven’t written something related to biblical stories before but while sitting in church yesterday, a particular parable of Jesus hit me and what was it about?


Earlier yesterday, I was having a chat with a friend of mine, Aisha, a writer and all I found myself doing was lamenting over the issue that my writing was derailing. To me, I haven’t been putting the in the best to something I call my gift and passion.


As writers, we all have our sources of inspiration, suitable environment, and that something that triggers our creativity.


I would write on a normal day because the impulse and the pressing urge is there, naturally. But I don’t see myself writing efficiently well unless I collaborate with someone of a like mind.


I would say I feel bad having to write alone. I want to write for fun, and I want to read it with happiness and fulfillment knowing I had the fun of involving someone too – I wouldn’t feel lonely all my life at least.


Then this parable of Jesus hit me during the church sermon and it was like, “Dude, this was targeted”


We all know about the parable of the 3 servants who were given different measures of talents by their master before he went out on a journey.


When he returned, he demanded a ROI – Return On Investment from the talents he gave his servants.


The servants who utilized and multiplied their talents had their rest and reward from their master, but the last – who hid his talent for fear of misusing it, or losing it was cast out to perish.


Then I thought about myself, If not totally, but I seem to be coming to a point where I don’t wanna call myself a writer anymore. I feel I don’t belong there. I have tried other things but it’s hell. Then being someone who based on opinions, I started to rewire myself to need someone, or scenarios to write. Sure, that may be someone else’s trigger though, but it had never been mine, and when it’s odd, I know it’s odd.


But I think I and everyone else needs to find the courage to remind themselves that we are all created as one of several, a rare kind, with unique attributes just like anyone else – and I think we need to understand that our failure to exhibit our God-given potential would totally be our faults.


I feel there is a lot of consequence attached to hiding that potential for some reason you might feel whatsoever.


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God ain’t gonna blame anyone else but you. You are the key to your growth, your improvement. The mentality you develop as you grow depends totally on you and the environment you fix yourself in.


Finally, I noticed the master gave back the talents to the servants who utilized them properly.

I wouldn’t say that means people keep coming back to earth after death (re-incarnation) with even greater abilities. 
It’s either that or it’s given back to you for greater works in heaven. 

I’m not a theologian, but I believe in judgment after death, and I think how we use our God given potential on earth is another requirement to make it through the gates…….


But what have you done with the talents given to you?…

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