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How & Where To Promote Visible Offers On Your Website

You have just created an awesome freebie for your audience, or you launched a new product. Congratulations, it must be amazing and exciting, isn’t it? You probably took a long time to create it and make it worthy of use and value. Now the next step is promoting it, which is possibly the harder part than creating it itself.

You have to get people’s attention to that product, so they don’t only get familiar with your offer, but they actually download or purchase it.

If you have a website, that is a lifesaver – because it offers you tons of ways you can promote your new product or free offer. And you just might not have one. A recent study shows that among small businesses without a website, 58% plan to build one before 2020. This is because the benefits of a website to your business are getting clearer by the day and even for me and every one of my startups, a website is my driving force. It’s the powerhouse and really, even if Instagram, Facebook or whatever social media platform you use should go down tomorrow, your website should house all of your content and should be the first alternative you have to give to your audience.

So do you have a website? Leave a comment with “YES” or “NO” below.

If “NO”, I will suggest you contact me – I got something good in store for you.

If “YES”, I will go check out how cool and optimized it looks and also give you free advice on how to optimize your website for sales & conversion.

Where To Promote Visible Offers On Your Website

Announcement Bar

An announcement bar is a colored bar that shows at the very top of your website. It’s really bright and its optimized and design to grab your visitor’s attention, contains a short amount of text with no images. The announcement bar sometimes also contains a CTA (Call To Action) to enable your visitors to take action after reading the announcement.

Here are some things you can promote with the announcement bar on your website:

  • Promote a freebie “Click here to download my free guide!”
  • Notify of enrolment being open for a course “The cart is open for our course — Enrol now!”
  • Notify of something ending soon “Giveaway ends in 24 hours — enter now!”
  • A current discount code “Use code FREESHIP for Free Shipping — only 24 hours!”
  • A countdown for something important


Pop-ups have a pretty bad reputation but everyone knows what they are.

Though I do think you can overdo them. For example, if I see too many pop-ups bugging me while I’m trying to explore your site, I’ll usually leave. So, in my opinion, don’t add more than one, and make it easy enough to exit out of.

Here are some things you can promote on a pop-up:

  • Promote a freebie “Click here to download my free guide!”, “Join my free course XYZ”
    I wouldn’t use a pop-up to promote a product, because they’re kinda ‘in your face’ and someone trying to sell you something out of the blue doesn’t usually work very well. So, I think you should only use pop-ups for free offers.
  • To notify of a current sale, promo or discount code.


Having a sidebar on your website or blog is a great and effective way to display and promote products without messing things up. Just like for me, this blog you are reading is the reason for most of the web traffic I get, which is why I have a sidebar to display useful information about me or my latest blog posts, products and services.

Here are some things you can promote on your sidebar:

  • Almost anything, promote your freebie AND your product if it seems like it could work.
  • Whatever you think will be useful for your blog readers. What is the main content of your blog about? Promote something that is related to that.
  • A sidebar is also a great area for affiliate links and banner ads.


We just talked about the blog sidebar, I know, but you can also promote stuff right in your blog posts. I like this method because it is more targeted. While your sidebar displays the same thing across all your blog posts or website, your in-blog promotions can show different things on every page and help you get more specific with your promotions in relation to the subject topic your reader is interested in.

Here’s an example of a freebie right in the middle of a blog post from Basil & Bark. Pretty hard to miss, right? And it’s directly related to what the Blog Post is talking about.

How to Add Your Promotional Offer into your Blog Post in Squarespace - Big Cat Creatuve
Here are some things you can promote right on your blog:
  • A free offer that’s somehow related to the blog post
  • A paid offer or product that is related to the blog post that will benefit your reader


Every website or blog should have a footer, and if you have one, you have no idea how valuable it is. It is the only really consistent area of your website. Every thing you put in your footer will be displayed across every page on your website!

Make it count.

Here’s an example of a subtle, designer-friendly way to promote something in your footer:

How to add a newsletter sign up to your footer in Squarespace - Big Cat Creative

Here’s an example of a not-so-subtle but surely effective way to promote in your footer by Curb Creative:

How to promote a freebie in your footer in Squarespace - Big Cat Creative

Here is something you can promote in your website’s footer:

  • Some sort of free offer or opt-in, it could be a subtle promo like the first example or, a bold freebie promo like the second example that I imagine is much more effective.

Racking Up…

Now you know all the best places to promote your offer and how to implement them, I challenge you to try ALL of these options and see which ones convert the best! Good luck!

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