How To Start A Nigerian Fashion Blog and Make Money

Do you have a solid interest in blogging about fashion and beauty? Or you run a fashion business? Then creating your own fashion blog is one of the mighty ways to turn that passion of yours into a money making revenue. Writing articles on fashion and beauty tips or tricks can stand you out amongst the others and give you the potential to make it big.

But your question is, How do you start a fashion blog in Nigeria? Or in general terms, regardless of location.


You are on the right page because in this article, I will show you the step by step approach to get your Nigerian fashion blog up and running in no time. Most of the steps I will outline in this guide requires that you should have a basic knowledge of using a computer and surfing the internet.

If you have no idea on what to do even after reading the guide, feel free to contact me. I am always ready to help.

Here are the key steps to start a Fashion Blog in Nigeria and I will be covering them in detail.

  1. Choosing a blogging platform.
  2. Purchasing web hosting & a domain for your blog.
  3. Defining a design & theme for your blog.
  4. Adding functionality and power to your blog
  5. Creating quality content for your blog
  6. Making money from your Nigerian fashion blog

Let’s go through them in detail.


1. Choosing a blogging platform

If you are new to web design or any thing related to creating on the web, this may be a bit difficult for you. Which is why I recommend WordPress as the go-to tool for creating websites and blogs. Why? It is very easy to use and beginner-friendly.

There are other blogging platforms out there such as Medium, Blogger, Squarespace and more – but they don’t give you the flexibility, total freedom and customization options WordPress offers. You even have to pay sometimes to use their advanced features but WordPress is totally free.

For now, that’s all you need to know about WordPress. I will move on to the next step.


2. Purchasing web hosting and a domain for your blog

To use WordPress, you need a web hosting to power it. I may not want to go into little bits of detail so it doesn’t look overly complicated but seriously, it isn’t.

For new fashion bloggers looking to set up their fashion blog in Nigeria, I recommend Bluehost. I recommend bluehost because they are affordable and their platform makes hosting very easy for new users. They offer hosting plans for as low as $2.95 dollars per month (₦1062.00 per month) and the great side to it is that you don’t have to pay for a domain. They give you a domain name for free.

Oh yes, I forgot – You might not be acquainted to the whole “domain name” concept so I will explain what a domain name means.


Domain name

Your domain name is like your unique identifier on the web. Just like the address of your home is unique to your region, so is your domain name unique on the web. A domain name looks like this, “www.websitename.com“. Just like you have www.google.com, www.facebook.com and any other website you have visited before now, that is exactly what a domain name is.

Picking a very attractive domain name for your fashion blog is very important and for a fashion blog operating in Nigeria, you might want to pick something really familiar or cultural – whatever way you see it. I have written a guide to help you pick the perfect domain name. You can check it here.


Other hosting alternatives

There are other web hosting alternatives you might also want to try asides Bluehost. I have a very reliable one and they are owned and operate in Nigeria.

SmartWeb hosting.

SmartWeb offers hosting plans for as low as ₦350 per month. It is also very efficient and uptime of your blog is guaranteed. You might also want it because of the cheaper option but the choice is yours 🙂

Once you have purchased your domain and hosting plan from any of the hosting providers, you will next need to install a WordPress theme made purposely to scale a fashion blog. More details in the next step.


Quick note

Kindly note that the links I shared to the above hosting providers are my affiliate links and when you purchase your hosting and domain through my affiliate links, I will get a commission from them. This does not affect, reduce or increase the amount to are to pay or the quality of service you will be getting.

So if you love this guide so far, kindly go on to make your purchase through my links. It will further help support and keep this blog alive. Thank you.

Purchase Bluehost Hosting

Purchase SmartWeb Hosting

Contact Me for Help


3. Defining a design & theme for your blog.

Usually, Bluehost or Smartweb will automatically install WordPress once you purchase your web hosting and your blog will be online almost immediately but most of the time, you need to make your look up to standard by applying a theme. In this case, a theme made for fashion blogs.

There are a range of free and premium WordPress themes that you can choose from. A typical WordPress theme has the following features to keep you in shape.

  • Full-screen slider
  • Selection of page layouts
  • Theme Customizer
  • Promo boxes and banner ad space
  • Shopping cart support


4. Adding functionality and power to your blog

Themes help spice up the design of your fashion blog. What about extending it and giving it ability to do more things for you? Like collecting contact information?

This is where plugins come into play. Here are some plugins you can start with:


  • MetaSlider – Helps you add beautiful images to your blog by adding sliders on pages and posts of your choice. This will help to grab the attention of your readers.
  • Optin Forms – This helps you grow your email subscription list or advertise a product by displaying attractive optin forms to your readers.
  • Instagram Feed – This helps you increase your Instagram followers by displaying your images from Instagram on your beauty blog. Below is a good example of an Instagram feed I embedded on my website.


5. Creating quality content for your blog

There is so much to put into consideration when creating a Nigerian fashion flog but creating useful and quality content for your readers is very important.

Stick to a regular posting schedule. It does not have to be everyday. It could be once a week or once a month. Just make sure you are consistent with it.

Once you start publishing articles, promote them on social media encourage people to visit your site. This will help you to gain regular and loyal followers for your fashion blog.


6. Making money from your Nigerian fashion blog

Now, it’s time to monetize your blog. Here are some ways to earn money from your fashion blog in Nigeria.


Affiliate marketing

One of the most successful ways to make money from a fashion blog in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing. You can join profitable affiliate programs in Nigeria that pay in Naira and then promote their products on your website. In this case, you are likely to promote fashion products since your niche is fashion. For every time you talk about a product to your readers, add your unique affiliate link to your page or post. Just like the web hosting affiliate links you saw earlier reading this guide.

When your readers click through and purchase the product through your link, you will earn a percentage of the sale. Some profitable affiliate programs you can join to promote fashion products are: Jumia, Konga and Amazon.


Display ads

Selling ad space can be a great strategy if you want to make money from your fashion blog in Nigeria. You can move forward with this method once you have a large reader base and getting steady traffic to your website.

Make sure any adverts you run on your blog are related to the products and services you offer. This will enhance your user experience.


Sell your own products

Your WordPress blog gives you the freedom to market and sell your own products on your platform. This is made possible with a plugin called WooCommerce. WooCommerce enables you run a full fledged online store on your fashion website/blog.

There are a lot of steps involved and even though they are easy to get used to, if you have any difficulty, feel free to contact me.



Hopefully, I have given you a bit of insight on starting a fashion blog in Nigeria and the basic steps to start making money from it. Follow the steps in this guide and ask for technical support as well where necessary and you should be up and running in no time!

So, are you going to make the move to create something you love? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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