You need a job badly? There are some people who wish they had no jobs.

Majority of people are wasting their lives away at a job they hate – and still find it hard to survive.

If you don’t have a job, and yet you survive?


You Gotta Be Grateful


Leverage on the freedom you have to build up something for yourself, be involved in something bigger than yourself, and you really don’t have to start that big you know.

For you out there working a job you hate, I think you should not dwell on the inadequacies your position places on your table  – because you are not doing yourself any good in the long run, seriously – You’re gonna regret it.

I know, many of us find ourselves at jobs we don’t like, and try to play along with this, “Fall in love with something and make it your passion” thing. It still comes down to the same thing. You shouldn’t try to love something you actually don’t like. You’d have more regrets.

I could give you a 100 tips on how to manage the struggles of being employed and creating your plan or building a side hustle and all those bluff… but the first thing I would capitalize on. “IF I WERE ME” is





Are You Grateful?

If you are grateful in the first place, you will love whatever position you hold and perform your duties out of every goodwill you can offer – No matter how small or big your paycheck is.



If You Are Grateful, You Will Do More Than What You Get Paid For

You might wanna ask me why? Ayomide! Why the hell should I go the extra mile for a company that isn’t even paying me the exact value for my work?

The answer? How you handle little positions determine if you will be deserving enough to handle more prestigious positions.

Wherever you find yourself, I think you should make the most of life out of it. It’s not the best time to lay complaints on how bad employee management is.

Automate your tasks, learn new skills, but make sure your work isn’t depreciating.

Wherever you find yourself, have it at the back of your mind that you gotta leave a good mark. Be irreplaceable.



Every Job Is An Opportunity To Learn Something New

Your job description reads, “Manage, Maintain & Develop Websites”, but out of the blue, you find yourself relating with angry customers or managing company social accounts?

I would not go to the HR’s table to rant bitterly if I were you.

Well, everyone has a level of interest in something though, but I never learnt how to write, do marketing, and build web applications all in the same school.

I always wanted to be a Developer & nothing else. But the ‘out of the blue Job Description Change’ which anyone else would use to get at their dear companies was an advantage to me.

I may be a good developer, but what good would it have been if I couldn’t market myself or efficiently grow and manage my startup social accounts? Or morestill, write this article you are reading now?

I think everyone should learn to take life’s unfairness, and turn it around to something of learning, and opportunity for themselves – It really helps… I think

Because sometimes our human rights are not even right for us.

So, while working, think of what you stand to gain from the time spent there. Gain business skills, learn about customer relationship, learn how to attract new leads, learn how to build quality content.



Make Money An Option

What if we all never needed money? If you had all you ever needed and had no bills to worry about – Would you sit all day watching Netflix? Or have something of interest keeping you busy?

Trust me, unless you are that useless – you’d get tired of sitting all day watching netflix eventually. There’s got to be some kind of work you will do for free, anytime, anyday.

Being happy wherever you are is about finding your passion. Your job shouldn’t be what you do for a living. Your passion should be.



I Repeat – Be Grateful

You have a job others are endlessly searching for. You have all the qualification and criteria to sit in that position. It means you are highly skilled, intelligent and trustworthy – Then you should be grateful you have a job in the first place.

You might not enjoy what you do, but if it puts a roof over your head and feeds your family? Or pays your bills as a student or fresh graduate, I think it’s something you should be grateful for.

Some people make in an entire year, what you make in a month – without opportunities to even improve on themselves. You probably have all of that. LEVERAGE




One thing I tell people all the time? Stop listening to those “ALL CAPS” articles or landing pages that promise you huge loads of income enough to quit your job.

Nothing happens suddenly – It’s a process. And if you really want to leave that job you hate someday, you have to transition…slowly.

You can start something on the side related to your passion – Blogging, starting an online business, build & market your own mobile app startup, or something else.

You might not be sure of how to translate that side hustle to something that can provide you a living if you had to leave your job, NO YOU HAVE TO BE SURE.

There’s this website that contains limitless information on how you can start your own business and convert it to a billion dollar company – Only if you are willing to RESEARCH.


It’s called Google


You probably never heard of the website, but it’s a very useful place to be.

While you are at your job, make constant research and learn how you can make a living doing what you are passionate about.

Do not give in to schemes that ask you to leave your job because you will be making off a million per week. It doesn’t come that easy and you’d regret it if you get lured eventually. You might not want to drop your job and face your passion full time without some sort of regular income to fall back on.

Your regular income can help you afford the failures you might come across as you chase your passion. It can also be a source of funding and marketing for your side hustle.

It is advisable to chase your passion and build something out of it on the side until you make enough money and have enough assurance to quit your job.



That Job Should Be Your Driving Force

Feel like giving up? Then paint a picture of you sitting at that table you hate at old age…..

Don’t want that? Then don’t quit!

If that’s the only reason you are going to be motivated, then keep painting that picture until your passion slams you right in the face.

It’s fine to be angry over your current situation, but it’s bad if you let that emotion overtake your drive towards your passion.

Be afraid of not finding your passion – Be afraid of not fulfilling purpose.

That should be your motivation.


Are you ready to leave that job you hate?




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