Having an audience is an important factor to be considered when planning how to market your blog in Nigeria and as well as increase website traffic.

Every blogger, online publisher, and website owner knows the importance of having an audience. If you don’t have an audience, who exactly are you writing for? Absolutely no one!

Yes, we have SEO to help you get free traffic but is everyone caught up on learning all the SEO hacks and tips? I don’t think so. Some people are ready to wait for long term results, some others desire instant results. It all comes down to the objectives you set down when marketing your blog and promoting your website to increase traffic and readership.

There is a lot more you can do to increase your website traffic in Nigeria and I will share you some actionable tips to help you step up your blog’s marketing, readership, and traffic.


How To Market A Blog In Nigeria

  1. Determine Your Goals and Objectives.
  2. Make Sure Your Message Aligns with Your Brand.
  3. Understand Your Audience.
  4. Expand Your Growth Potential.
  5. Determine the Right Platforms to Connect.
  6. Run Paid Advertisements.


Tip 1. How To Market A Blog In Nigeria: Determine Your Goals and Objectives

The best way to promote a blog in Nigeria, raise awareness about your products/services and showoff your culture is through marketing. To be successful as a blogger and website owner in Nigeria, you need to choose marketing strategies that align with your content, goals, objectives and audience type.

What makes your online presence unique? You need to identify that and reflect it in your marketing content.

An Example: 

One of my goals is to create amazing experiences in the form of websites and mobile applications for individuals and organizations. In order to fulfill this mission, I create courses, blog posts, social graphics, and short tips. I also make use of several social media channels to reach out to my audience and distribute my content across these platforms.

More importantly, I make sure the content I distribute aligns with my brand, mission, and services. Now, this doesn’t ideally mean every content I put out is about websites, marketing or technology in every way. I also put out content related to personal development and even my personal diary sharing my experiences and work as well. I as well make my brand consistent across all these platforms.


Tip 2. How To Market A Blog In Nigeria: Make Sure Your Message Aligns With Your Brand

Now it’s not just about marketing, it’s about making sense. Branding is how you want your audience to see you or your business, from visual assets, your methods of communication or the different approach to how to make your products and render your services. Branding isn’t all about your logo or color.

So however you choose to portray your blog or website to your audience, either your mission is to reach out to the young, old, women, babies, solve modern needs or traditional needs, make sure your message aligns with your blog’s content- and if it doesn’t, still make an attempt to highlight why that message is not applicable.


Tip 3. How To Market A Blog In Nigeria: Understand Your Audience

Do you know who your website visitors are? Who needs your content? Who needs your products and services? Where do they come from? How do they find me? There is no reference book to answer these questions from. Google Analytics gives you full insights into all these questions and also shows you where and how to perform better.

When you are able to identify and understand who your audience is, marketing your blog on other platforms to identify lookalikes becomes easy.


Tip 4. How To Market A Blog In Nigeria: Expand Your Growth Potential

At the point where you have determined who your website audience is, you should ask yourself some questions:

  • How do you make more of that audience?
  • How do you increase the number of people familiar with your website and brand?
  • How can you get more readers to your blog?
  • How can you generate and increase traffic to your blog?
  • How can you take advantage of social media to boost your blog traffic?

Finding answers to these questions will make it easier to identify and expand your potential of growing. A good approach is analyzing the small audience you have currently and running a marketing campaign to reach lookalike audiences related to your small audience.


Tip 5. How To Promote A Blog In Nigeria: Determine the Right Platforms to Connect

Finding the right platforms plays a crucial role in helping you generate more traffic to your blog. What works on Facebook may not do well on Instagram and vice-versa. You need to tailor each of your content and strategy to fit in with the platform you are using.

For instance, videos perform much better on Instagram than on Facebook, so any marketing strategy related to video should most likely be channeled to Instagram.

When you get your audience from any of these platforms, don’t leave them in the dark. Send newsletters, promotional offers, tips, reviews and engaging information to keep your brand at the top of their minds.

Offer guest posts on related blogs to attract their audience to yours.


Tip 6. How To Promote A Blog In Nigeria: Run Paid Advertisements

Set aside a budget every month to run advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google. As much as organic reach is declining, it is very crucial to learn how to run paid advertisements on various social networks and platforms.

Running paid advertisements takes your marketing a notch higher and gives you headway by giving your posts more exposure. Most of these social networks like Facebook & Google also gives you more options to reach people by Interests, Demographics, Job Titles, Income and even more. Understand your audience then make use of these tools to find the right audience for your blog and in turn increase blog traffic.



Of course, you are most likely not blogging just for the fun of it. It is important to get returns on your articles, your efforts need to pay off in some way. You can’t get those returns without an audience.

You should begin to start doing things differently. With the tips given above, learning how to market your blog in Nigeria will help you increase readership, grow blog traffic, and skyrocket your earnings – whether you sell your own products or serve ads on your blog.

So tell me, which approach have you tried/figured out to increase your blog traffic? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.



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