How To Market Your Business Online In Nigeria


  1. Blogging
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Classifieds Websites
  5. Posting On Web Forums
  6. Buying Ad Spaces On Popular Websites/Blogs



Everyone wants to start a business in Nigeria, everyone wants to be independent, but you are probably among those who have gone into a business venture without the prior knowledge of how to market your business online in Nigeria.


For those who know what’s involved, starting a business is hard and stressful.

An enemy of your pocket too I should say; You spend every penny trying to get the word out and create awareness to potential customers.


Do you still spend on public display banners? Or buy spaces in the newspapers? Well, I wouldn’t say those methods of advertising and marketing your business online in Nigeria doesn’t convert. I would say you don’t have to go that extra on a small business struggling to survive when there are a lot of cheaper and if not free alternatives that are highly converting.


Do you think you have the right ideas you need to execute your marketing online and reach the right people for your business in Nigeria? This might help.


Let’s take a look at the proven ways to market your business online in Nigeria


1. Blogging: It’s a No-brainer. Even the biggest companies you can imagine blog daily or weekly because it has proven to be a magnificent method of driving new leads and generating brand trust. You might want to blog for fun, but trust me, these companies don’t blog for fun.

A blog is the power-house of your business website. It’s where all the convincing happens. It’s where your potential customers get to know about your products and services.

Blogging is also important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Any average person would go on Google to search for a product they need and are likely to purchase online. Now, say you have a blog talking about what they want and it’s properly optimized, they land on your page, get to know about your products and services, also get to trust you. And once they get to trust you? You are definitely going to be their first call when they need that product or service!

It’s the exact reason we blog here at Narv Digital. Because you need to hear our voice. You need to know what we have to offer and that’s exactly what your business needs to do gain awareness in Nigeria.

Still don’t think blogging is enough to market your business online in Nigeria?

Check out these blogs run by large and well established companies, and ask yourself why you shouldn’t be in the league.


  • Facebook


Okay, try to NOT BELIEVE – But even the almighty Facebook has a blog 🙂

Looking through the image above, you see the various categories they blog on ranging from company news, feed, a gallery to investor relations. Facebook’s effort of setting up a blog tells you there is a lot of gain in blogging for your online business.


  • Intel


Not hard to believe for me – Intel also has a blog. Ask me why they would leave other pending issues, or maybe not leave – but find it a matter of importance to assign one or more publishers to manage a blog for them? It’s because a blog is your company’s voice.


There are several thousand other companies which use blogs as a medium to market their business online – and not just market, but to talk about their values, give helpful tips on how to use their products or even related products which is what you should be doing, majorly.


Some other corporate blogs you might want to check out at your own leisure:

Nike (also here and here)



Union Bank




2. Social Media: There are billions of people on social media and definitely, those customers you want are right there! Waiting for you.

Blogging for your business is good but social media opens you up to a whole new world and wider audience than you can imagine.

Social media gives you access to free tools, creating a page, organizing events, putting groups together – but also keep in mind that no matter how much followers you have, your organic reach is still limited. You still have to invest couple of bucks in ads and brand influencer marketing.

Follow social trends and create content that would interest people using those trends.

While using social media, follow the social trends and create content that relates to your business using those trends.




3. Email Marketing: A lot of people say email marketing is dead – but truth be told, for us at Narv Digital, email still works. Email gets us international clients we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to reach directly through social media.

Through email, we get even more readership to our blog.

To get started with Email Marketing, you need to sign up with accredited email service providers and there are a lot of free services out there.

As your business then grows, they let you pay a little fee to do things like upgrade your mailing list size and so on.


Here are some free email services you can try out to start marketing your online business in Nigeria:


Send Grid

Get Response

Constant Contact


Mail Chimp




4. Classifieds Websites: Classifieds Websites are another awesome way to promote your business, products and services online in Nigeria. What’s more, almost all classifieds websites allow you to promote your products and services free of charge.

Classifieds websites are better known as a Seller to Buyer platform where people are allowed to sell products to people who might be interested in a purchase, without the intervention of a middle man or the website admin himself.

Marketing your business online in Nigeria through the help of a classifieds website isn’t much of a hassle. All you need to do is visit one with your PC or mobile phone, there is definitely a “Post Ad” button around there somewhere, get good images of your products, services or your brand, type in a suitable and converting description and publish your products.

Depending on the saturation or category, you should start getting potential phone calls requesting for your products and services.


Here are some classifieds websites in Nigeria you can use to market your business online:



Jumia Deals




Asides marketing your business to reach prospects, you also need to search and observe those in your niche. Study how businesses around you are performing and what they are doing to get customers. Check out their weaknesses and use that as a point of strength, and in no time, your business lines will be buzzing with requests.



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