Do you run paid ads on social media for your business? Your brand relies a lot on social media advertising to get to the front of your potential customers.
When well optimized, the exposure is excellent and you really want to do more of it. But what if it gets too much?
What if your ads start giving a negative impression of your brand to some customers? What if it begins to become over bothering?
This post will give you an insight into how to deliver more value through your ads, and make you seem less like you are advertising.

1. Maintain Your Brand Integrity

Even though some other businesses trick users into engaging with their ads through click bait methods, you shouldn’t do so.
Make sure your ads and sponsored content align with your offered product or service.
Produce and promote content that will educate and entertain your audience, provide value whilst keeping your brand in their minds.

2. Stay True To Your Headlines

Don’t suddenly drift off the main topic that got your readers interested in your content. It will make them learn a lesson – Which is to never be deceived by you again! If your headline is about Topic A, let the body of your content also talk about Topic A.
Trying to trick your audience is a good way to simply stab your brand and business in the back. You will end up paying for unqualified leads & customers who will not buy from you.

3. Refine Your Ad Creative Continuously

As time goes on, you will find more ways to reach your audience efficiently. Continuously analyze engagement signals like Facebook relevance scores and intent signals like click-through rate (CTR), and iterate upon what’s working well.

4. Measure User Actions

Depending on the objective of your social advertisements, there are several ways to measure how well you are performing. Your measurement unit can be in the form of Messaging conversations started, Engagement rate, Leads collected, Website visits, Add to Carts, Or Purchases completed. The amount you also get to pay for each action matters and determines how well your advertisement is doing.


With these tips in mind, how will you actively work to make your ads less adversarial? If you have any thoughts or additional tips, join in the conversation

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