Do you want to create a website to accept donations?

It’s likely you need this for your crowdfunding start-up or you just need this to set up a donation form somewhere on your website. Well, this guide is for you.

I will show you exactly how to create donation forms like the one you are seeing below. No coding required!

It’s a very simple form, asking people to click on the Donate button and make payments. In this guide, you won’t just learn how to create donation forms, you will also learn how you can do other advanced things like:

  • Retrieve your donor information
  • Manage the flow of income
  • Set goals
  • Track Progress of Donations
  • And many more.

You can as well look at one of the previous websites I worked on for a Fundraising Organization to know just how exactly this donation thing works. Visit www.fundmeng.com. After going through this guide, you will have all it takes to build something just like that!


How To Get Started

Before you get a website online in the first place, you need to ensure to purchase a domain name and web hosting from accredited companies.

I wrote a guide here to help you with that. Feel free to go through that then come back to this guide once you have your web hosting and domain name secured.

If you need just a quick suggestion on where to get a domain name and hosting for your website in Nigeria, I would direct you to WHOGOHOST. They have an affordable and reliable domain and web hosting plan. You should check them out here.


Choosing The Right Platform For Your Donation Website

The web software you choose to use for the running of your donation website goes a long way to determine how easy it will be for you to manage, how robust and how it scales with your business in the long run.

Which is why for this guide, I will be teaching you How To Build Your Donation Website With WordPress, and as well receive your Donations with one of Nigeria’s popular payment processors, PayStack.

For Stripe Users, you will also find it easy as I have outlined all the steps in this guide.


Accepting Donations On WordPress With GIVE

To begin, Download, Install and Activate the Give Plugin. Here’s a guide showing you how to Download, Install and Activate WordPress Plugins.

Once you activate the Give plugin, the rest of the process is really simple.

What we need to do now is:

  1. Configure the basic settings of the plugin
  2. Create a new donation form.

I will also show you as outlined, more advanced ways to work with donation forms.

1: Configure Baic Settings

To access the basic settings of the GIVE plugin, go to “Donations” –> “Settings” in your WordPress Dashboard.

This is the portion where you will be doing much of the configuration for your donation forms. Let’s get through the various options to set up our donation website the right way!



The General Tab: This section configures the default pages that people see when they want to/make a donation on your website. The plugin automatically sets the best options for you by default though, so you might not need to perform any action except there’s something you need to tweak.

The Currency Tab: In this section, you get to choose the currency for your donation forms and the best options for displaying them. It’s important to note that not all currencies of the world are accepted but I will be showing you how to go about this for our currency of focus, the Naira.

Here’s what we need to do. We are going to be using PayStack to accept card payments in Nigeria.

We need to download the PayStack gateway plugin for GIVE. It will also help us include the Naira sign among the GIVE currency options so we can easily accept Naira payments.

The Paystack gateway plugin for GIVE is a paid plugin though, so you definitely need to purchase it. The price for this plugin is a whooping ₦50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira). I know what you are thinking! You can’t afford that.

I’m not the sales merchant though. It’s being sold by a website called TunPress.

That’s why I’m here for you. Click Here To Contact Me Now, and I’ll help you with this plugin.

But, still you wanna know how it works, don’t you? 🙂

Here’s what my currency settings look like with my Paystack gateway plugin for GIVE installed.

 Now, you notice there is a Naira sign among my options. That’s what the Paystack gateway plugin does, as well as helps accept card payments/donations in Nigeria.


Access Control Tab: In this section, you can control the user access to donation history, length of user login sessions and so on.


Payment Gateways

The Gateways Tab: By default, GIVE supports few payment gateways such as PayPal, Offline Payments. But with premium add-ons, you can add support for many other gateways such as Stripe, Authorize.net and more. Each gateway has its own tab where they can be configured.

I am using the Paystack Give Plugin in this case, so you will notice there is an extension below the tabs which displays “Paystack”. Clicking on that link, I can configure my Paystack keys and other necessities to start receiving payments with Paystack.


Display Options

These setting options help you control the output of your form, and how the front end elements appear to your users. You can do many things like use post types, include featured images, excerpts and so on.

You can even assign forms into categories and tags, which makes it very easy to keep track of different campaigns.


Email Templates

Communicating with your donors helps your fundraising activities. The GIVE plugin also includes awesome email templates you can use to send varieties of emails to donors for actions like successful donations, user registrations and more.



The “Advanced” tab allows you to configure the available random settings. I would advise you to leave these defaults though, that’s why they are called “Advanced Settings” 🙂

Most of the basic functionality is already set up for you, except you know very well what you are doing.

Let’s move on to the next major step.



2: Create A New Donation Form

Now that you’ve configured the basic settings, let’s move on to create our first Donation Form. To get that done, head to “Donations” –> “Add Form”

I wanna create a donation form asking you to buy me a cup of coffee 🙂

The title of your donation form can be that, but let it depend on what your donation form is all about. Most of the options are default and right-set for you but you can adjust them according to your needs.

You can input a fixed amount you want donors to give or just allow them to give any amount they like. You can as well assign multiple donation levels.

Under the “Form Display” tab, you can set any text for the buttons, and customize the text you want to display on your donation form.

The Gateway you selected under Settings–>General–>Payment gateway will appear under your form as the default gateway. My case, I am using the Paystack plugin, which is where all my payments will be processed through.

You can also enable/disable the Guest donations options. Enabling guest means people won’t need to register or log into your website to be able to give money. This can be done by clicking either the “Enabled” or “Disabled” radio button next to “Guest Donations“.

Let’s get around that quickly, hit the “Publish” button on the right side of the form, to test quickly how my little coffee donation form works.

Now, my donation form is published but I need to affix it somewhere. Maybe the main page, or a sidebar somewhere. Here is where shortcodes come in place. On the right-hand side of the page, you will find a shortcode section that looks something like this

I simply need to copy that shortcode, then let’s say I’m embedding that code in my sidebar, I simply need to paste it right on my sidebar by going to the “Widgets” area of my admin dashboard.

Alternatively, I could just simply drag the GIVE widget to the sidebar widget area, then select the donation form I would love to display.

Clicking Save will finalize the action. Now let’s go check any of my sidebars to see the final results.


Here is the donation section in my sidebar asking a user to donate

Here is what happens when my user decides to be so kind :(, and clicks the “BUY ME THAT CUP” button. 🙂

He is directed to the payment page where he/she can securely pay for my cup of coffee with his/her debit/credit cards. I made a set fee of NGN 200.00 , so it doesn’t deduct more than that.





Now, the donation forms are not restricted to the sidebar only. You can as well add them to the main pages, even headers, and footers!

It has all you need to make a full-fledged donation website. All you have to do is be creative with your design, then create respective donation forms to suit each cause on your website.

You also need to as well understand and get familiar with the settings. Once you get it all right, your website is autopilot to receive donations for several reasons!

Some others might find this piece interesting and easy, while another might actually find it daunting and difficult. It depends on your tech skill level though. It’s very understandable and you don’t have to feel bad about that! There are some things I still find very difficult to do too 🙂 .

FEEL FREE to contact me for help, whether you just want to set up a simple donation form, or you actually want to build a full fledge donation website for your business/organization, I got everything you need! 🙂

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you going to understand and take the easy steps required to start accepting online donations in a very short time?

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