How to build a professional identity with your website

Welcome to the business world of today, where you need to develop and build a professional identity even if you don’t sell things online through your website. But still, the importance of building a professional identity for your business cannot be overemphasized.

Did You Know? A large percentage of people nowadays go online to make research before deciding to buy a product.

And just to remind you as well, you have a lot of competitors trying to up your game, and even if you don’t have competitors yet, chances are, you will soon find someone who will copy your idea. This is why having a brand or should I say, Branding Yourself is important. This helps your potential customers to be able to easily identify you from the rest of the crowd on the noisy internet.

This means, in one way or the other, you need to stand out. It could be use of your colors, the tone of your newsletters, the typography of your letterings, or the total color layout of your website.



How Does A Professional Identity Help My Business?

You may ask. Yes, it does in many ways. Here are some of the ways a professional identity actually helps your business.

  1. Builds Trust
  2. Brightens Your Business
  3. Paints A Good First Impression



How To Develop A Professional Identity Online


Build a User Friendly Website:

It’s not just about having a website. It’s about having a user friendly website. Of what use will your website be if users find it really hard to navigate to and from your website? Ensuring that your website is user friendly will help you develop trust, credibility and seal more deals with your potential customers.

This may require that you should hire a professional website designer. Or you can choose to do it yourself if you have the required technical skill to build websites. You can also choose to learn how to build one within a short period of time so you can start building yours at your own time and scale, without having to hire all the time.


Apart from creating a website, a logo is one fundamental element that speaks for your brand. One look at your logo speaks everything about how professional your identity is, either you are a corporate or personal brand.

Ensure to get a good graphic designer to create a unique logo for your website, ads and posters as well. It stands you out and speaks a lot about your products and services as well.


Advertising On Social Media:

Another big part of building your professional identity is advertising. You have your website online, the products and services you need your customers to see all listed. Now it’s time to make sure they are seen by the right people who can become potential customers. Invest in paid ads on Instagram, Facebook & Google.

Do not run paid ads campaigns if you do not have the required knowledge of how things work, so you have to make sure you are hiring a professional to get a best returns for your investment. Every dollar counts. Do not as well neglect offline customers. Do offline marketing as well.




Building a professional identity applies to personal and corporate brands, and in some ways we have seen how important it is to build one.

Your website, is the first stop online for potential customers – and how it’s built will either positively or negatively influence your corporate identity. The goal is to make sure you are distinguishable.

A website and it’s elements such as design and marketing makes a profound statement about your brand, and you will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you fail to build your professional identity this way.


So, are you going to join others who are making positive statements with their websites today?

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