Knowing how to build a Nigerian Job Portal Website and having one of your own is one great way to make steady income online.

It’s as simple as companies making use of your portal to inform the general public about new openings and opportunities in their companies and applicants also using your job website to check for daily offers.

In this article, I will show you the various ways you can earn from a Nigerian Job website and the easiest way to set up your Nigerian Job Website in just a few clicks.



How To Earn Money From A Nigerian Job Website

There are several ways you can earn from an online Job website of your own. Some of such are:


1. Through the CareerJet Partners Program

The CareerJet website offers an amazing program where you simply use your job portal to refer traffic to their website and you get paid for every referral.

When a user on your website clicks on their promoted jobs or your adsense ad on their page, you get the money.

Their CPC (Cost Per Click) rate is quite high, around 1.75 US dollars per click. Join the Career Jet Services for Partners Program Here


2. CPC Ads: Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chikita

Asides the Career Jet program, you can also earn money from your Nigerian Jobs website via Google Adsense placements, Infolinks ads and Chikita ads.

All you have to do is apply on their platforms once your Nigerian jobs website is ready and has started getting steady traffic. You should be approved in no time.


3. Direct Company Ads

You can make money on your Nigerian job website by getting direct ads from companies related to your field/niche who might be interested in advertising their services on your website.

Such may include recruiters, immigration companies, training centers, career coaches, relocation consultants etc.


4. Premium Membership & Job Ads Boost

Some companies may want to have a higher reach and engagement than what regular job ads can offer. With your job website, you can offer top ad services and boosts either on daily, weekly or monthly basis and charge them for it.


5. Charge Employers/Recruiters for Resume Access

While some employers want to make regular or premium job listings, some may not wish to make a public opening. They might need the information of select candidates in a preferred field and as a job portal, you will have plenty of that to offer.

All you need to do is sell a premium subscription service, and offer that in the package.




How To Build A Sub Domain Forum For Your Website


How To Build A Nigerian Job Portal Website

Now I guess you want to know the next big step, which is actually building your Nigerian job website. As we all know it, to build a website, you need some coding skills or experience with one or two content management systems.

But in this article, we won’t be going through any coding or complex set up. I will introduce you to an already made software/script and all you need to do is install it on your web hosting, configure the settings and BOOM! you are live and running.

To build a Nigerian job portal website, you need to:



1. Choose a website software/platform for your Nigerian Job Portal Website

The very first step to build a Nigerian job portal website is to decide on which software and platform your website will run on.

You can choose to build it from scratch using select programming languages like HTML, CSS & PHP (If you have the required knowledge and expertise) or use a CMS (Content Management System) or a pre-made software/script.

To build a scalable Nigerian job portal website, a Pre-made software/script is the best decision to take (My piece of advice) 🙂

Using a script/software dedicated to function as a job portal will make it easy for you to grow even as things change.

Not to worry, you don’t have to go around in search of a Pre-made job portal script. I have one already in stock for you – and chances are; even if you find one out there, you may not be able to afford it yet.

They cost 100s of Dollars!

To build a Nigerian Job website, you need to download the JobsPortal Script.



The JobsPortal script is built on Laravel framework, and it was developed to help you create an interactive job vacancy website in just a few clicks.

Job seekers can place their resumes on your website, search for jobs and view the available job listings. Companies can also publish their vacancies and as well create profiles on your website.

It also has an interactive admin area for both you and your users.

All in all, it’s a total ready made solution for you, and you can also monetize your Nigerian job portal as well.



Admin Demo Access

Username: [email protected]
Password: buyer123456

Seeker Account

Username: [email protected]
Password: seek123456

Employer Account

Username: [email protected]
Password: emp123456 


CLICK HERE to get the JobsPortal Software/Script for just NGN1,500 only


CONTACT ME directly.


Once you have the software, there isn’t really much to do. All you need now is to get a reliable web hosting company and a domain name to enable you host your software online and get your Nigerian jobs website up and running.


2. Purchase a Domain Name and choose a reliable Web Hosting Company

It takes nothing to set up your very own Nigerian Jobs Portal. One of such minor expense you need to make to get your jobs website up and running is to get a domain name and web hosting for your website.

Your domain name is a unique identifier of your website on the web. While the web hosting is the home for your website on the web. A web hosting is just like a cloud computer which stores all the files and databases that makes up your website and makes it accessible to anyone on the web through your Domain Name.

Just like this website you are on, what differentiates my website from the others is my domain name: www.ayomidejohnson.com

Where To Host Your Nigerian Jobs Website

Purchasing a domain name and web hosting for your website shouldn’t break your bank account or online wallet. You can get a domain name and web hosting for as low as N5,000 per month.

SmartWeb’s hosting is a really good option if you are a newbie to the hosting thing. You can get hosting plans for as low as N3,500 and purchase a .NG domain name for as low as N1,500. Also another good benefit of using SmartWeb is that you get a free .com.ng domain name during the signup process.

How To Build A Nigerian Non-Profit Charity Organization Website - registering and hosting with smartweb


3. Install The JobsPortal Script

CLICK HERE to get the JobsPortal Software/Script for just NGN1,500 only

At the final step of the whole process, it’s easy to call it exciting 🙂

Therefore, If you successfully purchased the JobsPortal Script for just NGN 1,500, which downloads immediately after payment, or if you received it from me directly, all you need to do is extract the files from the compressed .RAR format, then copy to the public_html directory on your hosting server.

Then create an SQL database, and change the values in the config file to match your database details.

Click here to view the full tutorial on how to install the JobsPortal Script.



How To Build A Website For Your Nigerian Charity Organization (It’s Cheaper Than You Think)



Setting up a Nigerian Job Portal Website isn’t as complicated as it looks, it doesn’t require you paying high subscription or maintenance fees to anyone either.

I will make a summary of the basic steps to give you a good start.


To build a Nigerian Jobs Portal Website, you need to:

1. Choose a website software/platform for your Nigerian Job Portal Website

2. Purchase a Domain Name and choose a reliable Web Hosting Company

3. Install the JobsPortal Script/Software


Do you have any questions or need assistance building Nigerian Job Portal Website?

Feel free to Contact Me or drop a comment. 🙂

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