Stripe is an online payment processing for internet businesses. It builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce.

Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform etc stripe helps you accept payment without stress.


The Stripe payment gateway is unfortunately unavailable to people outside the United States (US), and it has become a pain in the ass to anyone running an online business and wishes to use stripe to accept payments.

It’s no longer a joke, that, stripe is easy to setup with seamless integration, with attractive features and prices. No activation or setup fees, just a 2.9% + 0.30 cents per successful card charge.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to setup stripe payment gateway for Non-US Citizens or residents (unsupported countries) and you can then integrate into your e-commerce store/business website and start accepting payments in different manners.

I’m a Nigerian, but I still have a functional stripe account with which I use to accept online payments.

The above photo clearly shows my stripe dashboard.

After this guide, you can be able to setup a functional stripe account no matter your country.

Creating a Website..

Somewhere in stripe, they’ll require for your business URL or website address. If you don’t have a website, then you won’t be able to go on with the registration.

We recommend you use Hostgator, its reliable, popular and affordable.

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Go to, and signup the 60% coupon will be activated at checkout.

After you’ve purchased your hosting + domain account, you can proceed to the next step, you can contact us if you want us to help you purchase and set up your website.

Setup Stripe Account for Non-US Citizens (Unsupported Countries) – Chapter 1

Opening a Payoneer Account/ US bank Account

Opening a payoneer account is the real deal. Payoneer offers you the opportunity to own a US bank account, including a UK, GBP, JYP, CNH, CAD, AUD.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Opening a Payoneer account takes nothing less than 5 minutes to setup and you’re good to go!

You need a Payoneer account for stripe account opening because stripe only allows you to withdraw your funds to a US Checking Account.

If you can look at the above photo, you’ll see my US bank account is a checking account and yours will also be a checking account.

Somewhere in stripe dashboard, they’ll request for your US Account Number and Routing Number.

You can see that in your Payoneer dashboard when you click on “Global Payment Service” either at the drop-down or the boxes as shown on the picture below.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Then you’ll see your Account Number and Routing Number, just make sure you’re viewing your USD Bank Details. Example of mine, is below.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Your Account Number and Routing Number cannot be same with the ones in the picture above, if you use the details above, that means you’re sending money to my account.

So, login to your own dashboard, locate the “Global Payment Service“, make sure you’re viewing your USD Bank details and copy down your Routing Number and Account Number, because you’ll be supplying it to stripe on our next step.

You can also order a Payoneer Debit MaterCard from your dashboard to your location and use the ATM card on any ATM Machines in your country and you can also choose to withdraw to your bank account in your country upon entering your bank details on your Payoneer dashboard.

Sign-up for a Payoneer account today!

Setting Up a Stripe Account for Non-US Citizens – Chapter 2

Now you’ve opened your Payoneer account and have gotten hold of your US Bank Details, let’s proceed to the next step of setting up your stripe account perfectly!

Step 1

Goto and register with your full name, email address and password. You’ll see a pop-up compelling you to verify your phone number.

setup stripe account for non-US residents

Choose your mobile country code from the drop-down and enter your phone number, then click on ” Send Confirmation Code

Enter the 6 digit code sent to your mobile number and verify your number.

Step 2 

Login to your dashboard, and click on “Activate Your Account” at the top left. If you haven’t verified your email address, you’ll see a message that will appear compelling you to confirm your email address before activating your account.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Confirm your email address by checking into the address you used to signup and continue from there.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

After clicking on “Activate Your Account“, you’ll see an account application to fill, until you fill that application, your stripe account is not activated and invalid.


Select “United States“.setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Your Products

There are two boxes, namely, “Tell us about your business” and “Your website“.

Enter a short description about your business and enter your website URL (a valid one), a sample is below.

setup stripe account for non-US for unsupported countries

Account Details

In “Business Type” select “Individual/Sole Proprietorship

In EIN (Tax ID) – Leave it empty.

In Business Address, enter your business address/home address, enter your city, select a state in US from the drop down, in my own case, I selected “Alaska” and lastly enter a post-code in a city in alaska, I entered “99501

You can alternatively select another state like ” Arizona” then google “Arizona Postcodes“, choose from the lists and update your postcode.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

You, the individual or sole proprietor

Verify your identity using facebook, LinedIn or Google. ( This is optional, but its easy, do it)

Enter your Legal First and Last name.

Enter your correct Date of Birth.

In the SSN (Social Security Number) enter last 4 digit number, but enter a number you can remember, use the last 4 digit of your mobile number.

setup stripe account for non us citizens

Your Credit Card Statement Details

In “Business name” enter your business name, you can also enter your blog name/website name if you don’t have.

In “Phone”, you’re expected to enter a US phone number, now we’re going to do a little research. If you have a US phone number, you can enter, if you don’t have, follow the guide below.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Goto and use the search bar. Enter “US Phone Number” in the search bar and enter “Your State” (The state you entered at the beginning of your application – in my case, I uses Alaska) in the location bar and click “Search”.

setup stripe account for non-US residents

After clicking on search, you should see some random US phone numbers, copy any one and paste in the box where stripe required the US phone number.

setup stripe account for non-US citizens

Bank Details

Now, goto your Payoneer dashboard > Global Payment Service > USD Bank Account and copy and paste your “Routing Number” with “Account Number” into the below boxes.

Click “Activate Account

setup stripe account for non-US residents

You should see a “Thanks for Activating your Account” notice and your Application Status is “Approved“.

setup stripe account for non-US for unsupported countries

Congratulations, if you followed us throughout the account creation!

You now have a functional stripe account and you can now make live transactions and you integrate it to your business website or e-commerce store and collect payments, and every 7 days( you can change it) the money will be automatically withdrawn to your Payoneer account.

You can integrate it to your Woo-commerce store or any store using your Live Secret & Publishable Keys.

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Do you think this guide is so stressful for you, and you need our help in setting up your stripe account for your drop-shipping business, Shopify, accept payments online etc contact us to get started.

Don’t forget to share! It’s quite a helpful guide on how to setup stripe account for non-US citizens or residents (Non-Supported countries) ! 🙂 🙂


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