How To Grow Your Side Hustle Into A Successful Business

You work full-day for a company, full-nights for your side-hustle or you might just be a regular student and you have that little skill or trade you use to support your hustle as well – It’s okay.

That is how most businesses today started.


And the internet has made it easier than ever to start a side-hustle business of your own even while you are studying or working a full-time job.


Some people start a side hustle, probably not for the sole purpose of making money. It could be to just chase a passion, hobby. Something that grows with your name. Some others have that side hustle with the hopes that someday, it becomes big enough to be a full-time business of theirs.


No matter the category you fall into, having a side hustle is a productive and fun way to spend your off-hours and make money doing the things you love. So, for those who find it hard to start a side-hustle, or probably have difficulties balancing it with your work-life routine, here are some essential tips to turn your side-hustle into a successful business. Sorry by the way, I am not really a fan of numbered lists 🙂



Before you make up your mind and jump right out of that job you hate, just because you “made a million awesome bucks today from your side-hustle, you still need to have strategic plans in place, and a lot of them to be exact. You need to be sure of how your business will run once you involve yourself in it full-time.


Jumping out of your full-time job without planning is risky, and you’d regret it eventually. If you have no laid and properly figured out plans whatsoever, stick to your full-time job and keep learning at that table.


To grow your side-hustle, you need to write down your mission, what value your business offers people, what products you sell, your target customers, and your goals. That is the first step to get your side-hustle off the ground.



Everyone knows I love automation! It makes my life easy and helps me focus on the attention-intensive areas of my business. Who knows, this post was probably written automatically, LOL, and maybe not, because I still had to type this sentence right? Fear not. I write my articles by hand 🙂


Put your side-business in sections and find tools to help you effectively manage each section. There is definitely a tool for managing almost every aspect of your business. The main goal here is to make sure you have enough free time to work on tasks that really matter, and also have time for family.


I invest a lot in tools that allow me to automate many aspects of my startups. I will use my Instagram account as a case study. Instagram is a great tool for businesses to increase awareness, engagement and make more sales, and definitely, you have to be loads of active to really make an impact on that platform, right? But what about trying not to use all of your time trying to grow your Instagram account, when you should be doing other things like optimizing your web pages, improving your products, or following up on existing customers?


That was an issue for me. So I invested into launching a tool that would make Instagram management not just easy for me alone, but easy for other brands and businesses as well.


Feel free to check out my Instagram Management and Scheduling Tool, PostMote. It’s my secret to my ever active Instagram account and the fast growth.


Spreading the word about your business is the fastest way to grow your side hustle and keep the inflow positive. There are many mediums, both free and paid that gives you the opportunities to write about your business, and get potential customers.


You can start a blog, spend more time posting about your business on social media, use Medium, build an email list, or best still run paid ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google.


You importantly need to shift your focus on spending a budgeted amount in a set period of time to run paid advertisements on popular social media platforms.



You possibly can’t do it all alone. You need to give your side-business some flexibility, and as well give yourself a break. Set a budget every month for hiring professionals to handle some specific parts of your business that you possibly can’t handle.


Hiring professionals and freelancers helps you achieve and save more. Yes, it helps you save more because it avoids the waste of money you might have experienced trying to do some things on your own and failing. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork are places you can hire top rated professionals and freelancers for your projects.


Time Consciousness

To effectively manage yourself across your studies/full-time job and your side-hustle, you need to learn the art of time management. Stop lazing away at Netflix or Youtube when you have not designed that banner for your next promotion. If you can’t do it, make sure you have had someone in place to do it, and if you can’t afford that right now, then you’d have to do it anyways – but with some time-consciousness in mind.


Procrastinate when it’s needed, but don’t drop the ball when it’s time to get stuff that matters to your business done.



Whether you work a two-shift per day job, and have a side-hustle to look after – you are still an entrepreneur, and time is your most valuable tool. You need to stay productive, keep coming up with ideas to grow your business, trying things out and properly managing the time assigned to doing these things.


Hard work doesn’t matter. Smart work does. And smart work means automating tasks that will divert your attention from other tasks that should keep the ball of your business rolling.


A good tool for automating your social activity and saving you time off social is PostMote.


I want you to begin to put these things in practice in the next week, and if you are getting any positive results, you can come back here to share your achievements with others. They really matter.


So, what steps are you going to take to grow your side hustle?


Leave a comment below and share your ideas with the rest. 🙂


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