When you mop your toilet floor you don’t mop it to perfection. You can’t see the bacteria, but it’s really still there, lots of it. You could invest more time and liquid into getting it totally disinfected, at least for a while, but would it be worth it? Why bother?

Bring this into the light of comparison with some aspects of your life, you find that good is good enough..well for some things. You got no choice by the way. There is hardly time to make anything perfect – long as it works fine and produces results. Perfection doesn’t exist anyway, at least not in our world.


So yes, it’s okay to do the bare minimum in most cases. Melissa Chu, one of my favorite authors said,

“To get more out of life, choose to do less”


What’s the minimum amount you need to do to get the result you need? Anything more than that might not be beneficial and might even do you harm. Extra effort and extra resources may get you a little further, but how far do you need to go, and is it worth it?


A learning process is a good example: when you actually put in your mind to study, you make a lot of gains, you learn more, and gradually your mind & exposure on that topic becomes wider. Then there are times you need to take a break from learning and actually put what you know to practice. If you take only the theoretical process too far without practice, you start to regress.


I don’t know everything though, and I’m not the assigned master of writing about perfection. I just love to share my thoughts as usual and I will definitely admit that this doesn’t apply to everything. It might be a useful way to think about most things anyway, but I really think good is good enough most especially when you feel overwhelmed with responsibility.


What’s that thing you really shouldn’t go extra for?

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