You find yourself in a job you are not passionate about. You self-reflect often on how you ended up there. You have no good answers, and with each passing day, you feel stuck and don’t see what’s coming ahead.

I can imagine how depressing that is. At some point of our lives, we have to take responsibilities for our actions, and in this case,


“You pursued a job, instead of a career”

At this point, I think you need to ask some new set of questions and probably repeat some.



Are You Conscious Of Your Decisions?

For most of us, at a young age, we believe we are young and golden, and nature is gonna make things fall in place naturally. My folks would say, “Last Last, We Will Be Alright”. So we just follow the trend, take any offer, and sometimes devalue ourselves without noticing it.


Then later in life, when we begin to ask ourselves why we are currently in that job we hate, we realize we didn’t make Conscious Career Decisions.

The truth is that we all chase things like money, fame, status, Instagram followers, job titles, University degrees, respect, and so much more you can name. Little do we know that we keep putting our career in other people’s hands.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”



What Do You Want?

What Do You Really Want? Years ago, the most important question you could ask yourself is what you’d do if money were no object. If all of your basic needs were taken care of and you had a disposable income to do with whatever you pleased, how would you spend your time? What would you do with your days?


The answer is supposed to shine a light into a corner of your psyche. It’s intended to reveal your true values, intentions, and career-dreams. But that question is no longer thrown around self-improvement circles because it doesn’t matter anymore. For many people pursuing their dreams, money is no longer the prime motivator.


People do not idealize 9–5 office jobs the way they once did. People are passionate, if not obsessed, with creating a life they’d want to live even if they didn’t have to work. You probably already know what you’d do if you didn’t need money.


Just like Emerson said, you decide who you become. I’ve laid out some steps that can help you to get started.



Access Yourself

No one does well at something they are bad at. You need to identify what you love doing? How well you can do it? Your strengths and weaknesses? And if you can really go for it.


You may love to code, but still struggling to get the basics on your own. Then you should set out for more tutorial websites on coding or simply enroll in a coding school to improve your skills. That’s one long step ahead.



Identify Your Industry

Being in an industry means you know the pros and cons, and you can raise your head at any point in time in that field. The real question here is, Are you passionate about it?

Yeah, you just might be trying to make a living here. And ideally you should not try to make a living from something you are bad at.

My opinion is to not pursue a career in that field. Treat it like a hobby instead. A lot of people love to make music, but they are not good enough to earn a living. But does that mean you should stop making music? Hell no! Go and jam with your friends — in your spare time.

The bottom line is this: Only pursue a career that fits your strengths.

We all have bills to pay and people to take care of. We can only do that by making a living. But that doesn’t mean we should work jobs we hate. There is always an industry that you love and that fits your strengths.



Upgrade Your Skill Box

You want to be a professional in your field? Then simply being good at your job or what you do won’t cover it all. You need “Universal Skills”.

Some of these skills might be leadership, writing, public speaking, marketing. Whatever you do, you want to provide value to others and to do that, you should be able to communicate with people in other industries and impact them in ways they would understand you clearly.

Think of me as an instance. I am not “All A Writer”, but I do this as my way of reaching out and making an impact. On the real of me and my daily activity, I’m a designer and developer. Writing is my hobby, and everyday I make good use of it to make an impact and spread the word about what I do. I have other skills handy too – but think in that context first.



Little Beginnings Matter

People want things to happen quick! People are impatient. A lot of us have great ideas in our heads but what is the mistake we keep making?

“We want to start it as Great as the idea”


Don’t wait till you have a million! Start with that single buck. Build it gradually. No one becomes successful by starting at the top.

“Why don’t you want to take the the fast and easy way?” Many people question me.

I am all about personal development, happiness, purpose, managing time and all of that. But I am not into quick hacks to get rich or make headway. I believe in step by step approach.

It’s okay to start something and not see results for the first few years. But you still have to be smart. If you don’t see any results, be hard on yourself, but don’t take shortcuts.





You want to live easy? Work 9–5 and spend the rest of the evening on your couch, watching tv shows, movies or playing video games.

You want to create your career? Then never for a single moment get comfortable with your current job.

Work for your boss by day and go home at night to work on your goals. Whatever they might be. A fulfilling career doesn’t come for free and only those willing to pay the price do what it takes.

The price is hard work and effort. Which I’m willing to pay;


The question is, what about you? Are you willing to pay that price?

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