You are ready to build and host your website online, you also got the perfect domain name (web address) figured out; but how sure are you that your preferred domain name has not been locked down by someone else?

Before you go on ahead to purchase any domain name, you need to first verify that it is available. To do that, you need to use my little tool here. It’s got no branded name really 😀

Just named it Domain Name Checker. 

You can use the Domain Name Checker to check for the availability of your preferred domain name in seconds. It’s fast, easy to use and also available on mobile.


How To Use


  • Launch Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC or Android device



  • Starting with “www”,  type in the full domain name you want to check, then click the “CHECK” button.


  • The result will be displayed immediately below the search box.


So, whenever you need to quickly check if a domain name is available, You can Visit:

Be sure to recommend this tool to a friend as well

Good luck checking out and purchasing your preferred domain name.


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