Do you use email marketing as an event planner? If you don’t, here’s something you need to know. Email marketing allows your business to connect with potential customers in ways that no other marketing medium can.
So how do you get email addresses of your potential customers? A lot of Event Planners make a mistake of purchasing emails. Those purchased emails may not be your target audience. The people in that email list may be people interested in fashion items. That’s going to be a waste as they are likely not interested in your event planning services. The quality of your email list is important and I will be sharing with you 4 ways I get email addresses of potential customers.


#1. I Offer Something Of Value: Create something your potential customer would like. Something you can give for free. A service that won’t shake your business. Just like I gave you this free article! That’s something of interest!


#2. I Use Social Media (A Lot!) : So you have this thing you want to give for free. Why not run an advertisement on social media with this content. By advertisement, I mean paid advertisements. Create a landing page on a website, send traffic to the landing page through a Facebook advertisement. Encourage people to drop their emails in return for that freebie you have to give. Anyone definitely interested in your freebie (which is also related to your service) will definitely drop their email!


#3. I Place An Email Subscription Form On Every Page Of My Website: As much as you direct people to your website (if you have one), you need to know what exactly you want them to be doing on your website. They can’t keep coming and going. So place an attractive email subscription form on every page of your website. This makes it very easy for them to drop their emails at any point or page they are visiting on your website. Don’t forget to make it attractive with an offer of freebie!


#4. I Ask For Them: How do you follow up on your customers when they purchase from you? Through email? Sending them regular updates and tips? Then that should be your excuse! Request for their emails after they have made a purchase from you so you can continually send them offers and they likely, might even refer more people to you!


When you get emails from your potential customers with their full consent, they won’t mind receiving promotional offers and advertisements from you. After all, they provided it themselves.

So now you know what to do. Get started! Do you need help with any of this?


Here’s what I can do for you:

  • I can Create Free content related to your business which your potential audience will love
  • I can Run a high performing paid Facebook lead advertisement to drive people to drop their emails – GUARANTEED 100 EMAILS EVERYDAY! (THIS IS WAY DIFFERENT THAN CREATING A POST ON YOUR PAGE & CLICKING BOOST – IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY). So let me help you handle it!
  • Once you start getting emails (they are usually pretty hard to manage when they become numerous), I WILL TEACH YOU FOR FREE HOW TO: 

1. Manage your email list
2. Register with one of the best and FOREVER FREE email marketing services
3. Automate your emails so they work even while you are not online

Ready to grow your business? I am here to help. Let’s do this together!



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