How To Convert Any Website Into An Android App In 5 Minutes (No Coding Required)

Building your new website must have been a lot. Content, expense, time and energy. Now you probably felt you got it all until you heard recently that mobile applications are the future, especially Android and iOS applications. How are you going to scale your website to flow with the new developments and stay relevant?

This is a really common issue among website owners. Individuals/business who have all their products and services accessible through mobile apps by their customers seem to be winning, but you? No one would even want to launch their phone browsers – talk more visiting your website.

So what can you do to stay relevant? Build an android app of course.

Do you have the necessary skill? Probably not!

How about hiring a developer? Trust me, it’s expensive.


So what do you do to convert your website into a mobile app? That is why you are here, isn’t it? Relax. You got it all figured out right. In this article, I will show you how to convert your new and existing website into a native mobile application without any coding skills.


What Do You Need To Convert Your Website Into A Mobile Application

To get started, you will need the following tools to convert your website or any website into a mobile application:

  • Your Desktop/Laptop Computer (Windows OS 7 and later)
  • WebsiteToApk Website to Android Converter (28MB) (EXE)
  • A stable data connection
  • and You! … lol. Yes. It’s not automated. You will supervise the process.

Let’s ride on, I will show you how to get the above tools I listed so you can get started:


How To Get A Desktop/Laptop Computer

LOL! Really? You are kidding me, right? You actually want me to teach you how to get a computer? Well, you might need some guidance anyways. No fuss. Check out HP Laptops on Jumia. They got some pretty amazing deals for you (Even though I still can’t imagine why you don’t have a laptop)… lol. Let’s move on to the next important step.


How To Get The WebsiteToApk Website To Android Converter

This is the main tool you will be needing for the whole conversion process. And OH! Before installing this, ensure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. The software works with Java. The WebsiteToApk tool is a premium software used for converting new, existing and even local websites to native Android apps. However, this tool is not free. In local online stores, you may get it at a price starting from $69.

However, I will always have awesome deals for you and I will be giving this tool at an amazing amount. Check it out on my store and see what you wouldn’t wanna miss out.

Also, remember you will need it to be able to successfully complete this tutorial on how to convert your website to an android app with everyone else. Now let’s get to the main business of converting a website – I will definitely show you how it works and finally how you can get the tool from my store. (You can proceed from here if you have gotten the WebsiteToApk tool).


How To Convert Any Website Into An Android App With WebsiteToApk Converter


Step 1: Extract the WebsiteToApk Converter Tool

If your purchase was successful, you probably have the WebsiteToApk converter tool handy and ready to install. Launch it by going to your downloads or wherever you downloaded it into and open the file. It’s in a zipped format so you might need to extract it. You can easily achieve that with WinRar or WinZip.


Step 2: Launch the WebsiteToApk Converter Tool

After extraction, all you need to do is launch the WebsiteToApk tool. No special or technical installation is required. It works on the go! Also, run as administrator just to make sure everything works fine.


Step 3: Configure Preferences

I will be using my website as an example for this guide. So in our final result, we should have a mobile app with my website and all properties operating functionally and natively herein.

You can see below that I arrow-pointed some of the most important fields. Like the title of the app you are making, where the app will be saved to on your system (in android installable APK format), and the website you want to convert to an android app.

The software has a range of other features you can work with, from monetization to enabling you to upload your app to the play store, there are so many things to play with to spice your app up. For now, I will just be showing you the basic usage


Step 4: Generate & Build Your App

So I have clicked all my necessary buttons and here is the fun part. All I need to do at this point is to sit back and watch my app build. As you can see, I had to click the “GENERATE APK” button to start the building process.


Then I get this prompt, it’s nothing anyways. All you have to do is click the “Ok” button and you are good to go.


Processing in progress. Also, note that you need to have your laptop/desktop connected to the internet to do this successfully. Without the internet, it is not going to work.


I don’t know how long yours will take anyway, but mine took less than a minute. Depends on your PC’s hardware anyway. Here, I am done. My website successfully converted into a mobile app! You should get this message if yours was successful as well.


By default, the WebsiteToApk Tool saves the app APK to the desktop directly. You can always change that before converting your website. Let’s go check my desktop if it’s there.



Now to get this to work, what we have to do is to copy that file into an android phone through a USB or whatever method of connection you are able to establish between your phone and your computer. Pick up your phone, locate the file and install!


Was That Easy?

Well for me, Yes! For you? You can let me know through the comments section. The WebsiteToApk converter is so cool, you can basically make a living off it making apps for your clients. So what do you think? are you going to try this tool?..Oh, I forgot.. You need to get it at a really cheaper offer. I got that in my store. Feel free to check it out or contact me directly if you got other important stuff to talk about!


A Little GiveAway…

The WebsiteToApk tool is actually free! But the free version has limited features. Let me show you.


The one I am giving you is the pro version, fully licensed and your apps will never expire. You also have full customizable options for your app at your disposal. You can download the free version here.

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